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Silcot Makeup Remover Cotton Pads

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Product: Combo 6 Boxes

Combo 6 Boxes
Combo 3 Boxes


Silcot makeup cotton is made from 100% natural cotton fibers, soft and gentle on the skin. Cotton Effectively absorbs evenly with a smart pouch design, leaving no cotton residue on the skin, while saving optimal skincare water thanks to a special cotton fiber structure, helping you achieve a more natural makeup look, or remove makeup easily and quickly.

  • Brand: Silcot (from Unicharm Japan)
  • Brand origin:Japan
  • Place of origin:Japan
  • Manufacturing Date:View on packaging.
  • Expiration date:4 years from the date of manufacture.
  • Quantity:82 pieces/box




Silcot Makeup Cotton Padswith a smart square bag design and 3 outstanding features:

  • Leaves no cotton dust or fibers during use. Supports perfectly clean skin before skincare steps.
  • Good absorption, helps spread evenly and save skin care solution.
  • Soft cotton surface is gentle on the skin, helping you cleanse gently.

Unicharm Silcot makeup remover cotton is manufactured using advanced technology, meeting the strictest regulations on the quality of input and output products, ensuring absolute safety for the user's skin.

This product is made from new generation woven cotton fibers, soft, gentle on the skin, helping the skin healthy and naturally beautiful.

Conveniently packed in a beautiful box with 82 pieces per box. You can easily store and preserve them when not in use.



Help remove makeup and clean all dirt on the skin

Gently cleanse the entire skin, including sensitive areas around the eyes and lips.

Help remove makeup easily while maintaining the necessary moisture for the skin without causing irritation or damage.



Step 1: Remove all makeup from your face

Hold the cotton with two fingers, increasing the contact area of the makeup cotton with the face, reducing pressure on a specific point. Gently remove makeup in an upward direction.

Step 2: Remove makeup from small areas

Hold the cotton with one finger to reach the areas around the eyes and the sides of the nose


Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight or heat.

Close the lid tightly after use.

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