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Mamigo standardized diabetes treatment and blood fat reduction spoon handle

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- Packaging: Tall jar packed in thick glass

Net weight: 80g

Main ingredient: Sweet Leaf Bush Extract



Cao Dây thìa canh chuẩn hóa Mamigo is a "powerful assistant" for those suffering from diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. The main benefits of the product are as follows:

  • Help stabilize blood sugar: Gymnemic Acid in Garden spade It has been scientifically proven to impact every stage of glucose metabolism in the body: Preventing glucose absorption in the intestines; Enhancing glucose transport to tissues and muscles while converting fat tissue into energy to supply the body with energy; Increasing the number of Beta cells in the pancreas - cells capable of producing insulin. This helps naturally lower blood sugar levels instead of causing a sudden drop.
  • Reduces blood fat, liver fat: Canavalia gladiata helps increase the excretion of Cholesterol in the blood, increase the secretion of LDL-c, Cholesterol, and Triglycerides out through the feces. This helps reduce bad blood fat, reduce the risk of stroke, and atherosclerosis.

Combining the use of Mamigo standardized bitter melon vine extract with Western medicine helps increase the effectiveness of treatment: quickly returning blood sugar levels to a safe threshold, reducing HbA1c, blood fat, liver fat, and minimizing diabetes complications. Moreover, many diabetes patients have been able to reduce their Western medicine dosage after using Mamigo standardized bitter melon vine extract for a period of time. Therefore, the product is also an effective solution for long-term diabetes patients, helping stabilize the condition and reduce the side effects of Western medicine.

Intended Use

- People with type 1 and type 2 diabetes

- People with high blood pressure, high cholesterol

- Overweight, obese individuals

- People with diabetes

- People with glucose metabolism disorder

These are the objects encouraged to use Mamigo standardized spoon feeding rope to shorten the treatment process and time.


The product is extracted in a highly concentrated form, it needs to be diluted with warm water when in use.

How to use:

  • Take 1 sachet (sachet provided in the box) with 150ml warm water. Take before or after meals.
  • Use 2-3 times a day or increase the dose 4-5 times for people with long-term diabetes, unstable blood sugar.
  • It is recommended to use consistently for 2-3 months for best and long-lasting results.


Diet is the key to controlling blood sugar and preventing complications. Therefore, to achieve the best results, people with diabetes should adhere to a scientific diet. They should consume fruits low in sugar, eat plenty of green vegetables, and use lean meats such as chicken, shrimp, and fish. Stay away from alcoholic beverages and soft drinks. In addition, people with diabetes should exercise regularly, get enough sleep, and maintain a relaxed mindset.

This product is not a medicine, does not have the effect of replacing medicine to cure diseases. The effectiveness of the product depends on the user's body condition.

Is MAMIGO Bonsai Wire Good?

The Mamigo standardized kitchen spoon handle is produced by Lương Sơn Medicinal Herbs Cooperative in collaboration with Dược Khoa Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company. The product's research and development process is advised by pharmacists with professional expertise and rich experience.

The raw material of the Canh Thia Canh vine in the standardized Mamigo Canh Thia Canh High-Quality Extract is sourced from the cultivation area of the Lương Sơn Medicinal Herbs Cooperative, Hoà Bình. This is one of the few medicinal herb cultivation areas in Vietnam certified to meet the GACP-WHO standards of the World Health Organization. Here, the Canh Thia Canh vine is grown following 100% Organic criteria, ensuring standards for soil fertility, cultivation techniques, harvesting, and processing. The Canh Thia Canh vine in the standardized Mamigo Canh Thia Canh High-Quality Extract has been proven to contain a high level of active ingredients, 2.4 times higher than the regular type. Therefore, the product is not only safe for health but also provides powerful treatment effects.

Clean and internationally standardized cultivation area of Lương Sơn Medicinal Herbs Cooperative

Product is certified by the Ministry of Health

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