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Vaura Master Lips Lip Plumper - Babier Lips Extra Volume X9

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Ingredients of Vaura Master Lips – Babier Lips Volume Extra X9

100% natural ingredients with nutrients such as:

💦 100% natural herbal extracts such as Japanese bitter orange, Vietnamese ginseng, and Black Sea, no chemicals.
💦 1% HA content helps lips look naturally plump, filling them without the need for Fillers.
💦 HA, Red Algae, Jojoba Oil, Royal Jelly help lips fight aging, stimulate collagen production and treat dark spots, making lips extremely effective pink

Benefits of Vaura Master Lips Lip Injection - Babier Lips Volume Extra X9

✓ Lips will naturally turn pink after 7 days - NO NEED FOR FILLER INJECTIONS, NO NEED FOR TATTOOING.
✓ Reduces dark spots, naturally enhances pink color, long-lasting effectiveness.
✓ Lip care, anti-aging for lips.
✓ Plump up your lips with water-based HA.
✓ Sun protection, helps prevent lips from darkening when exposed to UV rays.

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How to Use Vaura Master Lips Lip Plumping Serum - Babier Lips Volume Extra X9

To quickly own natural pink lips, you should use it twice a day for maximum effectiveness.

Morning:Clean and dry lips. Apply a thin layer of Lip Maximizer Serum on the lips, leave it on for about 20 minutes, then remove and eat normally.

- Clean your lips and apply a thick layer of Babier Lips Volume on your lips for about 5 minutes
- Continue to apply a thin layer of Lip Maximizer Serum, leave it overnight
- After work, follow all steps and do not eat to avoid reducing effectiveness

Is it safe to use Vaura Master Lips - Babier Lips Volume Extra X9 Lip Essence?

👉 Completely safe for your lips thanks to 100% natural ingredients and modern production technology from South Korea.

👉 Lip tinting is currently a safe beauty trend that Korean experts highly recommend due to its deep treatment method, helping lips achieve a natural pink color by eliminating harmful factors.

👉 Concentrated essence that naturally makes lips pink 4 times, pushing back dark pigments, sought after by beauties recently, the masterpiece of Vaura pink lip pigmentation stands at the top of the market with the ability to erase dark spots, creating a seductive charm for plump, naturally pink lips.

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