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100 Grams of Premium Whole Clean Swallow Nest

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💢 PRODUCT INFORMATION: Premium Pure Large Fiber Swallow Nest

Origin: Swiftlet nests are sourced from the coastal area of Khanh Hoa province
Commitment: 100% pure bird's nest, sufficient weight of bird's nest. NO impurities, agar, preservatives, chemicals.
- Expiry date: 3 years (Store in a clean, dry, cool place, avoid direct sunlight exposure)

100 Gram Chân Yến Sạch Loại 1 Sợi To Nguyên Chất

💢 Intended Use

➧ For children

- Children from 1 to 3 years old: 1-2g/time, 2 times/week
- Children from 3 to 10 years old: 2-3g/time, 2-3 times/week

➧ For adults: take regularly 3-5g/day

➧ For the elderly: maximum 3-5g per time, use 2-3 times a week

For patients: maximum 5g per dose, use daily

➧ For pregnant women:

- Pregnant 1 - 3 months: during this period, it is not advisable to use bird's nest.
– During pregnancy 4 – 7 months: maximum 5gr/time, use 2-3 times a week
- During 8-9 months of pregnancy: maximum 3g per dose, use 2-3 times per week


- Soak the bird's nest in filtered water for about 20-30 minutes, the water should cover the bird's nest slightly, do not pour too much water, if there are parts of the bird's nest that have not dissolved, you can use your hands to crush them
- The best way to process bird's nest is to steam it in water at the right temperature to preserve its nutritional content
- Can be served with a little rock sugar, lotus seeds, red apples, or longan to create a sweet and refreshing taste and to eliminate the fishy smell of the swallow's nest (avoid adding too much sugar as higher sugar content will reduce the supportive effects and nutrients present in the swallow's nest)

💢 Benefits of SWALLOW'S NEST SÀO

- Good for the brain, skin, eyes, prevents aging
- Clear phlegm, reduce cough, improve digestion, boost immune system.
- Good for pregnant women and fetuses, helps recover health after giving birth.
- Enhance immune system, resistance.
– Improve health for people with weakened bodies, just recovering from illness or surgery.



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