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European Standard Latex Corset Waist Trainer

$50.00 USD

Color: White


Size: S



Nowadays, the trend of showing off lingerie in Latex style is favored by many women. Besides shaping the waist, wearing latex also has a high fashion and aesthetic value. This is definitely a must-have item for every woman.

Latex Corset Waist Belt is surveyed as the top-selling premium beauty product line in the European market. With advanced, modern technologies:

- Inner hidden cotton layer helps absorb and wick away sweat.

– Class Non-latex rubber Latex has ultra-fine particle density, providing 4 times more breathability and coolness compared to ordinary rubber sheets on the market.

- Combined with 25 non-steel spiral-shaped bone frames like a double-sided fishbone, helping to create a second bone frame set, creating a fixed, balanced waistline.

Manufacturing Specifications

– 25 high-grade stainless steel number 5 hanging bones, premium rust-resistant steel.

- 100% non-latex rubber film with a thickness of 1mm.

- Lining: cotton

Admire actress Vân Trang's charisma in a Latex Corset to know what women in their 30s need


Principle of reducing belly fat with Latex Corset Waist Trainer

– Thanks to the pressure from 25 non-twisted steel frames and a layer of non-rubber pressed on the abdominal muscles close together (or in other words, limiting the space between abdominal muscle groups) to prevent the abdomen from bloating as usual.

- This restriction makes the body understand that there is no more space for fat development, in the short term, the accumulation of fat in the abdominal cavity gradually decreases and stops. In the long run, excess fat in the abdominal cavity will be converted back into free amino acids and broken down into ATP energy for daily body activities.

Corset Latex - Đai Định Hình Vòng Eo

Outstanding Advantages of Latex Corset Waist Belt

- Reduce postpartum fat effectively and quickly compared to conventional methods.

- Extremely effective at concealing when wearing thin, sheer clothing.

- 25 steel frame supports the spine, reduces back pain, hunchback.

- Create the best posture when wearing with tight clothes, hiding belly fat, creating a slim waist.

- Does not cause side effects like drinking or sucking fat.

- Comfortable and breathable, easy and convenient for daily use.

- Reduce 4-7cm belly fat in just over 14 days of use.

hướng dẫn đeo Corset Latex - Đai Định Hình Vòng Eo

How to Choose the Size of a Latex Corset Waist Trainer

  1. Measure waist circumference at the narrowest point 3 cm above the navel
  2. Measure waist circumference at the narrowest point 3 cm below the navel
  3. Measure the length from chest to lower abdomen
  4. Measure weight, height

Đai Nịt Bụng Latex Corset Chuẩn Hy Lạp

Đai Nịt Bụng Latex Corset Chuẩn Âu

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