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DAKAMI II - Brightening and Anti-aging Korean Skin Whitening Cream

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PRODUCT INFORMATION DAKAMI II - Brightening Whitening Anti-Aging Korean Skincare Cream

Owning smooth, radiant skin is the desire of everyone. However, not everyone is fortunate enough to have it. Moreover, with the increasingly harsh living environment, the skin is also affected, leading to the need for Whitening Cream DAKAMI II born.

- Weight: 30g

Brand: Dakami II

Origin: South Korea

- Target: Suitable for the most sensitive skin types.

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Highly praised and recommended by many artists/singers/actors from various countries around the world such as Vietnam, South Korea, Japan, etc.: Singer Cam Ly, Singer Dan Truong, MC Cat Tuong, Singer To My, Actress Phuong Oanh,...

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What do Vietnamese artists say about DAKAMI II

Benefits of Dakami II Skin Care Cream

- Effectively reduce wrinkles with specially researched essence, increase skin elasticity, and prevent sagging. A solution to reduce wrinkles after 4 weeks of use recognized by 94% of women.

- Helps rejuvenate, provides 3 times more Collagen and Elastin to firm the skin, prevent aging. Moisturizes the skin after 7 days of use, nourishing skin cells from deep within to ensure the skin is always well-nourished.

- Improves 87% of dark spots, melasma, and freckles after 28 days of use.

- Protects skin from up to 93% of UV rays.

– Featuring 3 skin tones, radiant white and pink.


Ingredients of DAKAMI II Skin Care Cream

DAKAMI II is a line of skincare products made from 100% natural extracts, manufactured using Korean technology at a GMP international standard factory. The ingredients include:

+ Ginseng South Korea: Helps restore damaged skin from deep within.

+ Nano Collagen: Helps firm the skin, improve elasticity, and minimize wrinkles

+ Jojoba Oil: Provides long-lasting moisture barrier, inhibits and eliminates free radicals that cause aging.

+ X50 Hyalufiller: Smooths wrinkles and improves skin elasticity and radiance.

Aloe Vera: Excellent moisture locking ability, helps skin retain moisture, regenerate and restore skin.

+ Grape Seed Oil: Prevents aging, improves skin issues such as wrinkles,..

+ Vitamin E, C: Helps regenerate skin, whiten skin, protect against environmental factors and UV rays, reduce wrinkles, dark spots

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Effectiveness of Dakami II Skin Care Cream

You can see the results from the faces of representative customers among hundreds of thousands of trusted customers, and choose Dakami whitening cream:


Instructions for using Dakami II skin care cream

To ensure safety and quick effectiveness in using the product, the manufacturer advises users to follow the following instructions:

- Should apply cream twice a day, in the morning and evening.

- Ensure that the makeup layer is thoroughly cleaned with makeup remover, then wash your face with a facial cleanser.

- Users can combine with the use of toner for deep cleansing of the skin.

- Then, apply an appropriate amount of Dakami cream to your face, gently massage for the cream to absorb evenly and take effect.

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