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DAKAMI K-WHITE - Skin Whitening Cream, Sunscreen for Dark Spots from South Korea

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PRODUCT INFORMATION DAKAMI K-WHITE - Whitening Cream, Sunscreen for Dark Spots from Korea

Owning smooth, radiant skin is the desire of everyone. However, not everyone is fortunate enough to have it. Moreover, with the increasingly harsh living environment, the skin is also affected, leading to the need for Whitening Cream Dakami K-White was born.

– Weight: 50g

Brand: Dakami K-White

Origin: South Korea

- Target: Suitable for the most sensitive skin types.

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Highly praised and recommended by many artists/singers/actors from various countries around the world such as Vietnam, South Korea, Japan, etc.: Actress Thanh Thuy, Actress-MC Khanh Huyen, foreign individuals, etc...

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Benefits of DAKAMI K-WHITE Skin Care Cream

- Effectively reduce wrinkles with specially researched essence, increase skin elasticity, and prevent sagging. A solution to reduce wrinkles after 4 weeks of use recognized by 94% of women.

- Helps rejuvenate, provides 3 times more Collagen and Elastin to firm the skin, prevent aging. Moisturizes the skin after 7 days of use, nourishing skin cells from deep within to ensure the skin is always well-nourished.

- Improves 87% of dark spots, melasma, and freckles after 28 days of use.

- Protects skin from up to 93% of UV rays.

– Featuring 3 skin tones, radiant white and pink.

Ingredients of Dakami K-White Skin Cream

DAKAMI K-WHITE is a line of skincare products made from 100% natural extracts, manufactured using Korean technology at a GMP international standard factory. The ingredients include:

+ Rice germ extract: has many uses in whitening, protecting, and preventing skin cancer. Nourishes gradually white skin, stimulates the regeneration of new cells to slow down the aging process of the skin. If you persist in using products from rice germ, freckles, melasma, and moles will gradually fade and not reappear.

+ Zinc Oxide Active Ingredient: A safe physical sunscreen ingredient with broad-spectrum sun protection, shielding the skin from cancer-causing agents like UVA, UVB... It aids in skin recovery from sunburn, enhances collagen synthesis, and promotes the formation of new tissue under the skin. You can trust this ingredient completely for its gentle nature, suitable even for sensitive skin.

+ Extract Aloe vera: Skin regeneration, reduces skin aging, provides moisture to make the skin soft. Also stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin fibers, helping to rejuvenate the skin.

   + Vitamin E, C: is a common ingredient in skincare products. Skincare products containing vitamin E help maintain moisture longer than other products. Thanks to its high moisturizing properties, this vitamin is considered a "miracle" ingredient that provides moisture to the skin. This is a nourishing ingredient that dry skin types should not overlook. It helps regenerate the skin, brighten the skin, protect against environmental factors and UV rays, reduce wrinkles, dark spots

Why Choose Dakami K-White Whitening Sunscreen Cream - Sun Protection - Tone Up?

  • About Ingredients: Dakami K-White Brightening - Sunscreen - Firming Cream is extremely safe for the user's skin thanks to its very gentle and Asian-friendly ingredient list.
  • In terms of effectiveness, this product specifically offers 3 amazing benefits: whitening, sun protection, and increased elasticity, making your daily beauty routine super easy.
  • In terms of structure, the cream texture is easy to apply, quickly absorbed deep into the skin, non-clumping or sticky, suitable for use as a base for daytime makeup.
  • The Dakami K-White cream comes in a milky white color and is packaged in a clear glass jar, adding a touch of luxury and increasing the product's value.

Instructions for using Dakami K-White skin cream

To ensure safety and quick effectiveness in using the product, the manufacturer advises users to follow the following instructions:

+ Step 1: Makeup remover and facial cleanser - Remove old makeup and dirt from your skin

+ Step 2: Use Dakami K-White skin cream

+ Step 3: Gentle message - Combined with a gentle message for deeper absorption of the cream

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