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Glucosamine - Korean Cold Pressed Joint Massage Oil

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Product Information: Glucosamine - Cold Pressed Joint Massage Oil from South Korea

Korean Cold Glucosamine Oil Currently a best-selling product in South Korea, providing a cool sensation for users, helping to quickly relieve pain from: sprains, joint stiffness, injuries. In addition, the oil also treats the root causes of joint inflammation, helps protect and regenerate bone structure, especially for joint health, keeping your body strong every day.

- Specifications: 1 bottle / 150ml

Origin: South Korea

Benefits of Korean Glucosamine Cold Pressed Joint Massage Oil

🌸Effectively reduce mild pain and inflammation.

🌸 Supports symptoms of pain such as inflammation of bones, sprains, muscle pain, joint pain, headaches, shoulder pain, back pain, and injuries.

🌸 Reduces pain in joints, back, spine, hand joints, legs, relieves headaches, neck and shoulder pain.

🌸 Effective in reducing muscle cramps, back pain, and numbness in the arms and legs.

🌸 Quickly eliminate joint pain, supplement Glucosamine to restore function from deep within.

🌸Enhances the synthesis of Glycosaminoglycan and calcium to help strengthen bones even during intense physical activity.

🌸 Easy to use and delivers quick results.

🌸 Relieves pain from insect bites, numbness in hands and feet from being outdoors in cold weather.

Ingredients of Korean Glucosamine Joint Rub Cold Oil

🍀 Main ingredients of Cold oil for massaging joints with Glucosamine Includes: Glucosamine oil extract from cactus, peppermint essence and Collagen Helps heal pain, protect & restructure bone joints.

🍀 Does not cause any side effects or skin irritation.


Apply evenly to the painful area, wait for it to absorb and dry, then gently massage for about 5-10 minutes, 1-4 times a day.

Suitable for everyone, especially the elderly and those who frequently exercise or play sports.🌸


- It is recommended to use a massage roller (if available) for best results.

- Do not apply to open wounds, scratches, eye area, children should use under adult supervision.

- When using the massager, be careful not to press too hard.

- Not suitable for pregnant women.



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