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Korean Red Ginseng Bellflower Extract for Adults CHUNHO NCARE helps with phlegm relief and cough reduction

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Korean Red Ginseng Bellflower Root for Adultsis one of the products that many consumers prefer because of its throat protection function, enhancing respiratory function for the body.

Brand: Chunho Ncare

Origin: South Korea

Specifications:Box of 30 packets x 80ml

Expiration date: 12 months from the date of manufacture

Main Ingredients


Korean Red Ginseng Bellflower Honey Chunho Ncare including Ryukakusan, bellflower 74.6% (solid content 2%), pear 12% (concentrated content 68%), Chinese quince, Korean jujube, silverberry, Zinc Gluconate, Vitamin C, mixed formula (Nicotinamide, Calcium Pantothenate, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Dextrin, Sodium Citrate, Vitamin B12).

-Ryukakusanis a powdered herbal remedy that is beneficial for the respiratory system, with effects on pain relief, sore throat, dry cough, productive cough, colds, and immune system enhancement...

-Bellflower extractHelps relieve cough, reduce coughing fits, prevent respiratory-related illnesses, contains Saponin which is beneficial for cardiovascular health, boosts the immune system

-Lê HànContains vitamin C, vitamin K, B vitamins such as B2, B3, B6, and other minerals, helping to boost the body's immune system. Pears also help reduce pain, control blood sugar, and improve digestion.

-Chinese applehigh in fiber content, promotes digestion, improves nervous exhaustion, reduces appetite, fatigue,...

-Fruit clearance May help treat digestive disorders, allergies, high blood pressure, ulcers, and acid reflux while boosting immunity.

-Golden appleNine has a warm nature, helps nourish the lungs, relieve cough, treat asthma, prevent coughs. In addition, it also helps treat symptoms of qi deficiency in women. When eating raw longan fruit, it can help sober up, detoxify, and have antiseptic properties.

-Zinc GluconateHelps boost immunity, reduce digestive disorders, limit excess fat accumulation, detoxify the body, eliminate harmful substances

-Vitamin B1Promotes the development and strengthening of nerves and muscles, converts carbohydrates into energy

-Vitamin B2Helps promote the production of red blood cells and energy in the body, while enhancing digestive function

-Vitamin B12Participate in the formation of red blood cells while promoting a healthy nervous system.



Hong Sam Le Hoa Chuong for adults is widely popular due to its outstanding benefits such as:

- Helps support lung health, respiratory function, protect the throat, and enhance respiratory system function

- Relieve cough, stop cough, clear phlegm, kill bacteria, cut long-lasting cough

- Enhance immunity, prevent symptoms of flu, cough, fever,...

- Prevent respiratory problems, tonsils, sore throat, throat irritation

– Enhance immune system and improve overall health

- Supplement nutrients for the body, reduce stress, fatigue, and stress

– Ensures metabolic exchange process, improves memory, and vision

– Improves digestion, treats constipation, stimulates appetite

- Body detox, limit excess fat accumulation, eliminate toxins,...

- Provides energy and refreshment after work hours, especially for those who are active.


Chunho Ncare Korean Red Ginseng Bellflower Root for Adults is packaged in a convenient twist cap pouch, making it easy to open for use and close for storage

The compact and sturdy bag is designed for easy carrying without worrying about spills.

Natural ingredients with high nutritional value carefully selected before processing

Chunho Ncare is a functional food brand in South Korea with over 40 years of experience, having won numerous awards chosen by the Korean people themselves and earning the trust of millions of consumers.

Intended Use

Target users of Red ginseng bellflower adult suitable for men and women aged 20-60 facing the following conditions:

- Symptoms such as respiratory sequelae, neurological symptoms,...

- People experiencing symptoms of dry cough, cough with phlegm, sore throat, bronchial pain,...

- People with weak respiratory system are often prone to colds, tonsillitis,...

- People with weak health, malnutrition, thin, pale

- People with nervous tension, often feel sluggish, and lack concentration

– Improve immune system, reduce pain and sickness

- People with poor digestive system cannot absorb nutrients

– Need to replenish energy after studying, playing, and entertaining.


- Use 1 pack daily, in the morning

– Shake well before drinking to dissolve settled ingredients

- Drink directly or can be consumed cold, store in the refrigerator's cool compartment and use gradually.

- Recommended for use in a 3-month course, then continue use for 1 month, and take a break the following month.


The effectiveness of using the product Red ginseng bellflower for adults depends on each individual's body condition and health status

People with a history of medical conditions or allergies to any ingredients in the product should consult a healthcare professional before use

This product is only intended to supplement nutrients and improve health, not intended to replace medication for treating diseases.


- Clean, dry place, avoid direct sunlight or high temperatures.

- Store at room temperature from 25 - 30 degrees Celsius.

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