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100g Premium Red Bird's Nest - Pure Cleansed

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Features of Pure Swallow Bird's Nest for Natural Cleansing

  • Pink swiftlet nests have a pink-orange color that can vary from the color of tangerine peel to the yellow of a chicken egg yolk (the color is formed by the absorption of iron oxide and trace minerals from the cave walls and the chemical interaction with the bird's saliva and minerals on the cave walls), the color is uneven, with strands of pink, orange, alternating very naturally. In terms of mineral components, red swallow's nests surpass white swallow's nests.
  • This is a premium high-quality swiftlet nest product, effectively addressing all the shortcomings of the traditional method of soaking in water to clean the feathers.
  • Our raw bird's nest is processed by continuously spraying mist for 10-15 hours to soften the nest and minimize the impact of water. Then, the nest is plucked clean with tweezers, disinfected, and dried. Therefore, our processed bird's nest has the characteristic of Clean hair, high aesthetic and still intact as in nature, the yarn is not swollen, not broken, still intact Swallow's nest should have high expansion and nutrients are retained at ~100% because they are not washed away by water during the cleaning process.
  • Our bird's nest is sourced from the coastal area of Khanh Hoa province (Khanh Hoa swiftlet nest is the nest with the highest nutritional content and quality in the country, not fishy when processed and provides firm and superior strands compared to other swiftlet nests).
  • The product has been cleaned and does not need to be cleaned again, it can be processed immediately after opening the box.
  • Beautiful, satisfying the visual senses of consumers


100Gr Hồng Yến Tinh Chế Làm Sạch Nguyên Chất

Intended Use

  • Women (improve appearance, help skin become rosy and anti-aging,…).
  • Pregnant women (from the 3rd month onwards) and after giving birth.
  • Children (over 1 year old).
  • Teenagers' physical and mental health supplement.
  • Elderly person.
  • Hard-working, stressed workers.
  • People with weakened bodies.
  • People recovering from illness or surgery and in need of nutritional support to aid in quick recovery.


  • The recommended dosage for a normal adult body weight is 3-4g per serving and should be taken daily.
  • Patients should use it every day for the best results, when fully recovered, they can use it once a day.
  • Children should use half the adult dosage.


  • Step 1: Place the bird's nest in a bowl to soak in clean water at a ratio of 1:50 (1g of bird's nest to 50ml of water), you can add a few slices of thinly sliced ginger for better flavor. The soaking time will be 60 minutes.
  • Step 2: Place the bird's nest bowl in a double boiler pot, cover the pot. When the water is simmering, reduce the heat to low, typically if using a gas stove to make bird's nest double-boiled, the cooking time is about 15-20 minutes.
  • Step 3: Check if the swallow's nest has reached the desired softness, then turn off the heat and add rock sugar (if using). Additionally, you can also add other ingredients such as ginger, snow fungus, jujube, lotus seeds that have been steamed to taste.


  • Use bird's nest in the evening before bed or in the morning before eating for the best results.
  • Avoid simmering bird's nest over high heat for too long to prevent loss of nutrients or dissolving into water. When making soups, congees, braised dishes, etc., follow the steps above and add bird's nest to the dishes after they are fully cooked.


  • Store the bird's nest box in a dry place, avoid direct sunlight or reflection, and avoid sources of excessive heat.
  • Limit yến's exposure to the outside environment, once processed, if not used up, store in the refrigerator and use within a maximum of 2 days.

*This product is not a medicine and does not have the effect of replacing medicine to cure diseases



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