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INOD - Serum for eliminating body and foot odor

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INOD - Serum for eliminating body and foot odor
❌ Everyone AVOIDS you because of the unpleasant smell

❌ You feel SELF-conscious, AWKWARD in communication

❌ Transmission DL capability up to 85%

❌ Prolonged use will make it heavier and affect activities

❌ Deodorant rollers and sprays that are ineffective

👉Don't worry, because INOD Deodorant Serum is here. WHETHER YOU'RE A GIRL OR A GUY, 1 BOTTLE IS ENOUGH. Don't let body odor become your "worries"!


INOD Deodorant Serum for Underarm and Foot Odor with 2 NOs:

1- Non-toxic to the body, completely made from natural herbal ingredients

2- Don't worry, over 10,000 patients nationwide have used it and have COMPLETELY RECOVERED

- Specifications: 1 bottle / 5ml

Brand: Huyền Phi

Benefits of INOD Odorless Serum

👉 Reduces sweat production in the underarm area

👉 Prevents odor in the underarm area from the root by inhibiting the invasion of bacteria that cause odor.

👉 No need to use perfume as the product extracts fragrance all day long

👉 Colorless, non-sticky, does not cause yellowing and darkening of the armpits

👉 Commitment to immediate effectiveness upon first use

- Heavy duty 2 times/week

- Light 1 time / week

Ingredients of INOD Odorless Serum

Extracted entirely from gentle natural herbs such as: Essence Licorice, Non-greasy, Non-irritating, Suitable for all skin types including the most sensitive skin.



- For those with mild body odor or sweaty hands and feet: Use once a week, 1-2 drops each time for each side.

- For people with severe bad breath: Use twice a week, 1-2 drops each time for each side.

Step 1: Clean armpits and feet before use, preferably before going to bed for best results.

Step 2: Suitable for children over 12 years old and breastfeeding mothers.




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