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Vento Vivere Pearl Rare Pearl Whitening and Dark Spot Treatment Cream

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– Vento Vivere is a premium skincare line from Switzerland. Swiss people prefer their domestic cosmetics because the skincare products are meticulously researched, providing high effectiveness and safety for all skin types.

– Pearl whitening and dark spot treatment creamVento Vivere Pearl RareFamous in the European market, loved by many. The product is made from high-quality pearls harvested from the northern sea at a depth of 3000m, containing precious active ingredients that help whiten the skin, eliminate melanin pigments, and give the skin a bright and even tone.

- For those with dark, uneven, dull, pigmented skin, freckles, moles, etc., don't hesitate to try Vento Vivere Pearl Rare, the surprising effectiveness after 28 days

  • Brand: Vento Vivere
  • Specification: 30g box.
  • Origin: Switzerland.

Main Ingredients


– Vento Pearl Rare is a concoction made from stem cells specially reserved for the prince of a small Arab kingdom, successfully grafted with living marrow tissue. This marks a breakthrough in advanced stem cell cream technology far superior to the previous generation's stem cell serum.

- Vento Pearl Rare is mainly made from extracts of Pearl Expensive in the North Sea with a depth of 3000m, it has the effect of treating all freckles, giving a flawless, spotless, bright white skin like a pearl.

- In addition, it also contains the essence of truffle white fungus, which grows in high mountainous areas, only harvested 2-3 times a year, has the effect of changing the skin structure.

- Another important ingredient is vitamin PP that helps repair damaged, dull skin, Polypeptide Syn Coll active ingredient that makes the skin smooth, cladonia, Swiss noãn bud cells help nourish the skin sustainably.



➥ Vento Vivere Pearl Rare pearl whitening cream treats freckles, improves skin tone, and nourishes smooth white skin

Even out skin tone, remove melanin, reduce dark spots, and freckles after 28 days (*)

Helps inhibit melanin production, maintaining radiant and youthful skin

Pearl powder also helps improve wrinkles, increase skin firmness

➥ Tighten pores for smooth skin

➥ Slows down the aging process

➥ Provides minerals to help the skin stay fresh, reduce the risk of dullness and discoloration from environmental factors, UV

➥ Vento Vivere Pearl Rare pearl whitening cream treats freckles, creating a natural makeup base, helping even out and brighten the skin.

Restore skin damaged by the environment


✔ Complete the skin cleansing step.

✔ Use your fingertips to dot the cream on various points on your face, then gently massage for complete absorption of nutrients.

✔ Use daily for best results.

✔ Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

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