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BOMIDI FC1 Facial Cleansing Brush 3 Modes, 8 Adjustable Intensity Levels

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Highlights of BOMIDI FC1 Facial Cleansing Device

Exquisite design, soft material

– Equipped with 3 modes, 8 levels of speed adjustment

- Equipped with a 45°C heat-generating surface

- Waterproof IPX6

Large battery capacity


Every day our faces are exposed to many harmful agents, but washing your face manually with regular face wash may not completely remove dirt, dead cells, or makeup... That's why owning aBOMIDI FC1 Facial Cleansing DeviceSupporting care and protection for facial skin is essential, especially for women

Exquisite design, soft material


Overall appearanceBOMIDI FC1 Facial Cleansing DeviceCompact and specific size105*56.5*35mm, sophisticated design lines from every angle and a weight of just84g, perfect for carrying with you wherever you go

Furthermore, BOMIDI FC1Still owning colors with a strong personal style, keeping up with user trends with 3 main colors. Users can choose according to their own preferences. In addition, the product is processed from premium silicon material with long and thin bristles, the length is only3mmand small to0.5mm Helps to exfoliate and deeply cleanse. This material is also FDA (Food and Drug Administration) Certified safe and environmentally friendly

Equipped with 3 modes, 8 levels of speed adjustment


This device operates based on high-frequency sound wave technology, simulated from magnetic suction and equipped with 3 modes and 8 levels of speed adjustment, making deep cleansing easy and completely removing dirt, makeup residue, or dead skin cells deep inside the pores, thereby bringing healthy and smooth skin.

Equipped with a 45°C heat-generating surface


Special feature onBOMIDI FC1 machineintegrated with a 45°C heat-generating surface. In addition to facial cleansing function, this device also effectively helps with skincare and nourishment. Specifically, the heat-generating surface creates a temperature of45°CThis is a safe temperature that does not harm the skin, helping the absorption process to occur more quickly, tightening pores. It helps the skin surface to be firm, shiny, and smooth. Just use the facial cleansing device twice a day, in the morning when waking up and in the evening before going to bed, to fully enjoy the optimal skincare and cleansing capabilities that the device provides.

Waterproof IPX6


OMIDI FC1Equipped with standard water resistanceIPX6Premium quality, ensuring users can use the machine with complete peace of mind without worrying about the machine being damaged by prolonged exposure to water

Large battery capacity

Equipped with a rechargeable battery up to450mAh, for continuous use up to 3 hourswith just one full charge in about1 hour.Help users to comfortably use it anywhere they need

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