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MOTREE - Bitter Gourd Acne Spot Serum

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MOTREE - Bitter Gourd Acne Spot Serum This is a gel-type super product, which effectively supports in pushing out inflamed pimples, reducing pus formation, drying out acne, and flattening pimples in just 4 hours of use. Made entirely from 100% natural herbal ingredients, it helps control oiliness, quickly heals skin wounds, and prevents dark spots extremely effectively and safely.


Brand: South Korea
- Specifications: 1 bottle / 20ml

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Benefits of Bitter Gourd Acne Spot Serum MOTREE

✅ Safe for all skin types, even the most sensitive skin

✅ Can handle most types of acne. Including swollen, inflamed, and difficult-to-treat pus-filled acne

Regulates oil, minimizes pores, prevents acne from recurring

✅ Anti-inflammatory, reduces swelling, reduces damage caused by acne

✅ Supports quick recovery, prevents acne scars & dark spots

✅ Quickly dry up pimples in just 4 hours of use

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Ingredients of MOTREE Bitter Gourd Acne Spot Serum

Bitter Gourd Acne Spot Serum by Motree 100% extracted from natural herbs. Absolutely safe, suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

Main ingredients: Bitter melon, Tràm trà, Green tea, Non-bitter leaves

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Use 2-3 times a day for maximum effectiveness. If the acne condition is severe, you can increase the frequency of use accordingly.

Step 1: Cleanse your face. It's better to wash with C Motree turmeric facial cleanser to achieve the highest efficiency

Step 2: Use a small amount of Gel Motree Acne Spot Serum Just enough to cover the acne-prone skin area.

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