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Beone Nutritional Five-Grain, 500g Box, Weight Loss Support, Comprehensive Nutrition Supplement

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Product: 1 Box of Beone Traditional Flavor

1 Box of Beone Traditional Flavor
1 Box of Beone Chocolate Flavor
1 Box of Beone Banana Flavor


Beone Multigrain Powderis a type of food that provides complete nutrition from plants. The essence of nature.Beone Five-Grain Cereal Contains a high amount of fiber, protein, essential vitamins for the body. Provides high nutrition for children and adults, supports weight loss, boosts immunity, helps with poor digestion, stabilizes blood sugar, reduces diabetes... Especially contains beneficial antioxidants for heart health.

Brand: Beone

Specification: 500g box

Expiration date: 2 years from the manufacturing date


- Good support for digestion, helps prevent harmful cholesterol for the heart.

- Supports effective weight loss.

- Delicious flavor easy to drink stimulates the taste buds of picky eaters.

– Supports picky eaters, slow weight gain, and good appetite. Helps children develop comprehensively in terms of physical and mental health.

- Boost immunity, enhance immune system, prevent virus invasion

- Providing nutrition, restoring health for post-illness individuals, the elderly, and heavy labor workers. Preventing constipation, reducing the risk of colorectal cancer.

– Stabilize blood sugar, blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, reduce the risk of atherosclerosis, reduce stress and allergic diseases. Maintain body weight.

- Helps support milk production, effectively increase nutrients for postpartum women.

Main Ingredientsngu-coc-dinh-duong-beone-hop-500gr

- Soybeans, black beans, red beans, mung beans: rich in amino acids and vitamins, help build muscle and boost immunity.

– Bo Bo seeds – meaning: Helps with diuresis, cooling the body, suitable for nourishing the body for weak individuals, postpartum women.

- Quail eggs: Rich in starch, protein, calcium, iron, B vitamins.

- Walnuts: Contains many vitamins, protein, omega-3, very good for brain development.

- Lotus seeds: Helps with good sleep, calming, headache relief, good for skin, prevents anemia, anti-aging.

Oats: Good for heart health, helps control blood sugar, supports weight loss, enhances the body's immune system.

Intended Use


– Children from 6 months old

- Pregnant and postpartum women

- People who exercise sports

- People in need of health improvement

- Weight loss person

Does BEONE FIVE-GRAIN help with weight loss?

Beone Five-Grain can help you lose weight when used scientifically. It is a nutritional supplement that helps you achieve a healthy body according to each individual's specific goals. Therefore, to lose weight with Beone Five-Grain, you must use it as follows

How to use Beone Five-Grain to help with weight loss

This product is rich in nutrients with good starch content and high fiber from plants. Using Beone pure cereal is enough for those who are overweight.

Do not mix Beone cereal with sugar or condensed milk. Just drink Beone cereal alone.

Take before main meals. Beone's nutritional content is sufficient to provide energy and nutrients for you. When you drink Beone before your main meal, it helps reduce cravings and limits the amount of food you consume during the main meal. Excess weight gain is often caused by consuming too much food at once. Beone cereal will help you address this issue.

You can skip one main meal. Replace it with Beone cereal combined with plenty of green vegetables. Such as boiled vegetables, raw vegetables mixed with olive oil... Limit fried and stir-fried vegetables processed with a lot of sugar, salt.



Pregnant women always need to be prioritized in providing the most nutrition for their bodies. Because when the mother absorbs nutrients into her body, the baby will also receive that source of nutrition. Therefore, pregnant women should drinkBeone Multigrain PowderEvery day to provide enough essential nutrients for the body. Help the child develop comprehensively from inside the mother's womb. And the mother has the best immunity to protect the child!
Beone Five-Grain Cereal is very goodFor pregnant women. Because the product has passed strict quality standardsFDAEnsure nutritional quality as well as food safety


After giving birth, mothers often experience a decrease in milk supply. Insufficient milk production can be caused by various internal and external factors, leading to inadequate breastfeeding for the baby. Breast milk is highly beneficial and essential for the comprehensive development of a child's brain and physical health. Beone cereal provides essential vitamins, especially B vitamins and vital minerals, to stimulate milk production in mothers. Additionally, the formula contains DHA-rich fish oil, which is excellent for the baby's brain development.

Is Beone Five-Grain Cereal Good for Babies?

It's great to give your child Beone Five-Grain Cereal every day. Various types of cereal grains help cool your child's body. Cereals are rich in fiber, helping to reduce constipation.

Supplementing vitamin B group helps stimulate taste buds to help children eat better. Providing full vitamins, minerals, protein... for comprehensive development in height and weight for children.

Provide full energy for children. Help children be flexible, play happily every day

BEONE Nutritional Five-Grain for the Elderly

Elderly people should drink Beone nutritional cereal every day. Because the ingredients are completely natural. Easy to absorb, good for the health of the elderly.

Beone multigrain cereal is very good for the elderly. Beone is rich in calcium and additional minerals for bone and joint health. Prevent osteoporosis

Beone helps supplement the necessary amount of vitamins, proteins for muscle health of the elderly. As well as the stable movement of the body

Good fats in Beone cereal help reduce cholesterol in the blood. Prevents heart and blood fat diseases...


1 Beone five-grain drink before exercise helps the body to replenish energy very well. No cholesterol enters the body, making physical activity more enthusiastic and healthier. The protein and fiber energy from Beone five-grain drink help you have a long day of activity without fatigue.


People with diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol can use Beone multigrain cereal because of its high fiber content, cholesterol-free, and good for the heart. Can be usedBeone Multigrain Powder Prepare a supplementary meal for diabetics or vegetarians, providing nutrition without increasing blood sugar levels.


- Children from 6 months to 24 months old: add 1/2 - 1 spoonful to baby food

Children over 24 months: drink 2-3 cups a day, each cup with 2-3 spoons

- Adults: Drink 2-3 cups a day Each cup 3 - 6 spoons

- For pregnant and postpartum women: Drink 2-3 glasses a day, Each glass with 3-6 spoons

Note: This product is not a medicine, does not have the effect of replacing medicine to cure diseases. The effectiveness of the product depends on the user's body condition.


- Close the lid after use.

- Keep in a dry, cool place.

Avoid direct sunlight and high temperatures.

* Use Beone cereal within 30 days after opening the box. Helps maintain the delicious flavor as well as ensure the nutritional value of the cereal.

Avoid leaving it for too long as it may affect the quality of the milk.

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