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Kaza Placenta 50000mg Skin-Enhancing Drink

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Specification: 10 bottles x 50ml

Origin: Japan

Manufacturer: Kaza

Main Ingredients

Placenta 1000mg:Extracted from placenta, rich in vitamins, amino acids, minerals, good for health and skin beauty. Promotes skin regeneration, reduces melanin production, helps reduce freckles and melasma, making the skin white, smooth, and even-toned.

Collagen 1000mg: Known for its ability to increase cell tissue density, improve elasticity, and smooth the skin. Collagen reduces wrinkles, folds, aging, keeping the skin youthful, also reducing sagging, increasing firmness.

Royal Jelly 100mg: Royal jelly extract is good for health, increases energy, reduces physical fatigue. Royal jelly also inhibits melanin, making the skin brighter after a period of use.

Hyaluronic acid 5mg: Helps skin retain moisture, fresh, and healthy glow. HA reduces the formation of wrinkles, aging.

Vitamin B2: Helps boost metabolism, increase energy, and fight oxidation



 Kaza Placenta 50000mg DrinkProvides internal moisture supplement, helping skin become firm, smooth, and soft

✔ Prevent and improve dry, rough, or excessively oily skin conditions

✔ Promotes skin regeneration process, generates fresh, healthy new cells

✔ Reduces the formation of melanin (causing freckles and dark spots), while brightening the skin, fading dark spots, and moles

✔ Nourish healthy, radiant skin, better protect the skin from free radicals

✔ Kaza Placenta Beauty Drink50000mg Minimize Pores

✔ Remove wrinkles, folds, crow's feet, slow down the skin aging process

✔ Helps improve skin, nails, and hair

✔ In addition, nutrients inKaza Placenta drinkHelps increase flexibility and smoothness of the joints.

Benefits of KAZA PLACENTA 50000MG Drink

✜ Skincare Drink Kaza Placenta 50000mgProvides good nutrients for the skin, but does not harm health.

✜ Placenta essence, collagen, hyaluronic acid, royal jelly have long been popular for their high effectiveness in reducing signs of aging and rejuvenating the skin.

✜ Product suitable for all individuals over 25 years old who have a need for safe beauty from within.

✜ Extremely delicious taste, refreshing when stored in the refrigerator. Kaza Placenta Japanese drink has natural pineapple and guava flavors, easy to drink with a sweet and sour taste

✜ This product is low in calories, so it won't cause weight gain or obesity!

✜ KazaPlacenta 50000mg10 teabags are produced in Japan, following strict standards of the domestic market, promising to satisfy you.

Intended Use

Women over 25 want beautiful skin

☞ Women after giving birth may show signs of aging

Sagging, drooping, wrinkles

Dark spots, large pores, freckles

☞ Dry and dull, lacking vitality


- Drink 1 bottle for 2-3 days. Shake gently before drinking.

- For individuals with severe signs of aging skin, take an intensive dose of 1 bottle per day.

- Then switch to the second box and drink half a bottle every day.

- Store in the refrigerator.

– Keep out of reach of children. Pregnant women should not use this product.

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