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Ivory Dragon Turtle Statue

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Dragon Statue in Tiger Pattern phách

The Dragon Turtle statue with a strong, powerful body, courageous temperament. Carrying a baby Dragon Turtle on its back, showing this mythical creature's readiness to protect its offspring and fearlessness against any force. By owning the Dragon Turtle statue with a baby, homeowners will have an additional source of protective energy, keeping away misfortunes and dangers.

- Dimensions: Length 12 cm x Width 8 cm x Height 10 cm

How to Arrange Dragon Turtle in the House

- Long Quy with a small Long Quy on its back used for protection and attracting wealth

- Long Quy placed on the altar of the God of Wealth and the Earth facing the door to attract wealth. Also used by businesses to attract customers.

- Long Quy is placed under the bed for longevity.

- When placing the Dragon Turtle, it is best not to place it too high, close to the ground is the best.

The living room with Long Quy display has the function of opening up wealth, must be displayed facing the main door, with the head facing the main door to attract wealth and prosperity.

The Long Quy bedroom has the function of attracting wealth and ensuring safety, so it should be placed facing inwards, with the head towards the bed, and the tail pointing outwards.

- When the Dragon and the God of Wealth, Bodhisattva, come together, they will provide even stronger inspiration, combining feng shui items to attract wealth and protect the homeowner.

- The most important thing is to place the Dragon Turtle with its belly facing upwards because if the turtle is exposed with its belly up and legs stretched out, it will face great danger. Therefore, when displaying this mythical creature in the house, choose a flat, sturdy place, avoid letting the Dragon Turtle fall or its back touch the ground.



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