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Whitening Supplement for Dull Skin with Dark Spots - DIAMOND WHITE

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Benefits of Diamond White Skin Whitening Supplement Tablets

Diamond White skin whitening pills help stimulate the rapid production of Glutathione inside cells; quickly eliminate trapped melanin in skin cells; fade stubborn dark spots and pigmentation; promote the generation of new cells for rejuvenated and bright skin, replacing long-standing melanin pigments, freckles, and brightening skin deeply from within.
  • Whitening Care 3 Times More Effective: Outstanding from deep inside thanks to Mediteanox essence; imported from Spain so it is rated and trusted 3 times higher than other versions.
  • Prevent the formation of melanin pigment:Prevent Melanin production, the cause of dull, dark, freckles, fungus, uneven skin tone
  • CAUSES INHIBITION OF OXYGEN FREE RADICALS PRODUCTION: Slows down, prevents the generation of ROS oxidative stress under the skin, prevents skin cancer, protects the skin absolutely under the harmful effects of UV rays
  • PREVENT EXCELLENCE, AVOID SKIN AGING: Helps prevent and inhibit oxidation process 11 times faster thanks to Antaxanthin active ingredient in spirulina, imported from Japan, helps rejuvenate, firm, moisturize, and refresh the skin.vien-uong-ho-tro-trang-da-mo-nam-diamond-white

Product Information for Diamond White Skin Whitening Pills

Diamond White Skin Whitening PillsThis is a premium skin whitening supplement exclusively sold in the US; it whitens the skin 2.9 times more effectively than other similar products; helps rejuvenate the skin 11 times more than regular products; prevents dark spots, freckles; completely protects the skin.

Diamond White skin whitening pillsWill help smooth, breathable, bright white, surprisingly effective and completely safe for the skin. Currently the hottest whitening product on the market today

Packaging specifications:60 tablets / 1 box

vien uong trang da diamond whiteIngredients of Diamond White Skin Whitening Pills

Diamond White Premium Skin Whitening Tablets100% extracted from rare precious herbs from nature imported from Spain and Japan, no side effects so you can use it daily with peace of mind, free from harmful substances for the skin, and clinically tested
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  • To achieve optimal results and savings, customers should use the 3-month regimen for the Diamond White Skin Whitening Tablet COMBO

Instructions for using Diamond White skin supplement tablets

- Recommended to use the treatment for 3 months or more for effectiveness maximum

- Take after breakfast or dinner, 2 tablets / day

*Note: The effectiveness of Diamond White skin supplement depends on the individual's health condition and body constitution, and is not a substitute for medical treatment




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