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Indonesian Agarwood Bracelet

$360.00 USD

Combo: Size 8 ly (for hand size 14-17 cm)

Size 8 ly (for hand size 14-17 cm)
Size 10 ly (for hand size 17-18 cm)
Size 12 ly (for wrist 18-20 cm)
Size 14 ly (for hand size 20-21 cm)
Size 16 ly (for hand size 21-22 cm)
Size 18 ly (for hand size 22-23cm)

5 benefits from Indonesian Agarwood Bracelet


👉 Effectively repels negative energy.

👉 Agarwood Bracelet is a leaf of peace.

👉 May all your wishes come true.

👉 Elegant and classy.


☘ Tram bracelet made from wood Express shipping to Indonesia with age from 5 to 7 years.

Wood color in gray-brown (depending on the batch of wood, the color may vary).

The agarwood bracelet becomes brighter and more beautiful as you wear it for a long time.

☘ Mild and gentle sandalwood scent, bringing a natural flavor

Creates a strong, pleasant fragrance when rubbed against the skin or body heat of the wearer.

Why you should wear Agarwood

☘ Sandalwood bracelet contains positive energy to dispel stress and fatigue, bringing a sense of peace, joy, and love for life to customers.

In feng shui, agarwood is considered to absorb the essence of heaven and earth, thus having the ability to attract good luck, smooth career advancement, and achieve more success.

With a gentle and soothing sandalwood scent, the sandalwood bracelet is not only an elegant piece of jewelry but also brings spiritual value to the wearer. It also provides practical benefits such as relaxation, comfort, stress relief, and peace of mind in daily life.


Limit the time for soaking agarwood beads in water as it may alter the quality of the wood.

- If accidentally wet, simply use a dry cloth to wipe and place in a well-lit area.

- Avoid exposing the bracelet to chemicals, cleaning agents, and high temperatures such as fire.


✅ 100% Natural Agarwood Guarantee.

✅ 1-for-1 warranty (within 30 days from the date of product receipt) if there are any manufacturing defects.


The team of skilled craftsmen always strives to create meticulous and exquisite pieces, bringing the highest perfection to each product of Tram Huong, always aiming to create delicate and valuable works with profound meaning for people to use and appreciate in everyday life activities.

Committed to bringing the most exquisite natural Agarwood products with the best prices on the market because all our ingredients and products are purchased directly from the source, without intermediaries, and processed directly in our workshop. Therefore, the Agarwood product line created has the best price with the best quality.

Ready to support detailed consultation

Wearing a natural agarwood bracelet will help our style become more gentle and elegant, leading us to focus more on our mind and body, appreciating the subtle values of agarwood, its scent, and our own self more deeply and clearly over time.

Thank you everyone and wish you all peace and mindfulness in life. Hoping for a day to welcome everyone, those who have a passion for Agarwood and a deep appreciation for life.



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