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Natural Agarwood Bracelet with 108 Beads

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Combo: Buy 1 (6mm bead size)

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Combo 1 chain 6mm + 1 chain 8mm


108-bead natural agarwood bracelet:

🍀 Tram bracelet made from wood Fast and Furious Natural (aged for over 30 years). Contains 108 beads (excluding the guru bead).

Trầm Tốc kiến: Natural agarwood, named so because it is created from wounds caused by tree-boring insects combined with secretions from ants making nests on the tree trunk, forming Toc Kien. This type of tree-boring insect is very special because it is only found in India and Central Vietnam, absolutely no traces of their existence have been found in other areas. The scent is sweet, pure, and everlasting.

🍀 Brown and yellow wood color (depending on the batch of wood, there may be different colors).

Vòng Tay Trầm Hương Tốc Kiến Tự Nhiên 108 Hạt


108 Bead Mala Necklace is a symbol of the 108-bead Tam Muoi prayer beads that eliminate 108 worries. Wearing a 108-bead necklace helps the mind find peace, unaffected by worldly distractions and worries.
Human life continues in 3 generations from the past to the present and future. In those 3 generations, we have created 108 worries throughout the cycle of birth and death without end. Therefore, now we will recite the Buddha's name 108 times while meditating. It is a determination to eliminate the 108 worries that we have created in 3 generations. Eliminating the 108 worries also means achieving 6 pure senses.
🍀 With a gentle, soothing scent of incense, it helps relax and comfort your spirit, heal emotional wounds, reduce worries, and relieve stress in life.

⭐⭐ How to store agarwood bracelets?

When worn regularly, the agarwood bracelet beads will become shiny when rubbed against the skin, the longer you wear it, the warmth from the body will enhance the fragrance of the agarwood bracelet.
Because it is light, porous wood, with a high concentration of resinous oil in the wood grain and surface: NO Wearing while bathing, washing, hand washing... will make the scent and color of natural agarwood essential oil disappear from the surface of the beads, water-absorbing sponges also deteriorate
If it accidentally gets a little wet when washing hands or in the rain, use a hairdryer and a soft towel to dry the inside and wear it on your wrist to restore the scent
When removing, it is recommended to keep the agarwood bracelet in a sealed bag or box to avoid direct exposure to the air conditioner for a long time, as cold temperatures can reduce the scent. The warmer the bracelet, the more it will emit fragrance, and vice versa.


Our team of skilled craftsmen always strive to create meticulously crafted and sophisticated pieces, bringing the highest level of perfection to each product in the Agarwood collection. We aim to produce exquisite and valuable pieces with profound meaning for everyday use and appreciation in daily life activities.

Committed to bringing the most exquisite natural Agarwood products with the best prices on the market because all our ingredients and products are purchased directly from the source area, without intermediaries, and processed directly in our workshop. Therefore, the Agarwood product line created has the best prices with the best quality.

Ready to support detailed consultation

Wearing a natural agarwood bracelet will help our style become more gentle and elegant, leading us to focus more on our mind and body, appreciating the subtle values of agarwood, its scent, and our own self more deeply and clearly over time.

Thank you everyone and wish you all peace, mindfulness in life. Hoping to welcome you all someday, those who have a passion for Agarwood and a deep appreciation for life.

At Vedeus, the bracelets will be blessed at the temple, so our company may contact you to request information (name, age, year of birth) for the monks at the temple to perform blessings for your health, peace, and luck. 30% of the profit from the bracelet you order will be allocated to charitable programs to help those in need.

Vedeus Company commits to the quality of our products, ensuring that all our items are 100% genuine. We strictly reject counterfeit and low-quality products. Thank you for your trust and support.



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