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Aloeswood Bracelet with Lotus Charm

$390.00 USD

Combo: 8mm Mixed Hair Beads

8mm Mixed Hair Beads
8mm Mixed Lotus Seeds

Aromatic Sandalwood Bracelet with Round Beads and Lotus Charm:

🍀 Tram bracelet is crafted from Aloeswood (accumulated over five years) 7 to 14 years).

Standard Agarwood: a common type of agarwood, aged for 7-14 years, containing about 7 - 12% of essential oil in each wood chip, making it light, floating when put in water. Due to its abundance in nature and easy extraction, it is widely used for making bead necklaces, bracelets, feng shui items, or incense...

🍀 There are 2 Types of Lotus:

  • Made from natural sandalwood
  • Made from sinking agarwood

🍀 Brownish gray wood color (depending on the batch of wood, there may be color variations).

🍀 The bracelet becomes brighter and more beautiful when worn for a long time.

🍀 Mild and gentle scent, bringing a natural flavor

The scent of agarwood will be more pronounced if rubbed more on the hands or body heat of the wearer.


🍀 Sandalwood bracelet contains positive energy to dispel stress and fatigue, bringing a sense of peace, joy, and love for life to you.

In Feng Shui, agarwood is considered to absorb the essence of heaven and earth, thus having the ability to attract luck, wealth, and success, making work and career more favorable and achieving greater success.

🍀 With a gentle, soothing scent of incense, it helps relax and comfort your spirit, heal emotional wounds, reduce worries, and relieve stress in life.


Our team of skilled craftsmen always strive to create meticulous and exquisite pieces, bringing the highest level of perfection to each product in the Agarwood collection. We aim to craft sophisticated and valuable pieces with profound meaning for everyone to use and appreciate in their daily lives.

🍀 We are committed to bringing the most exquisite natural Agarwood products to the market at the best prices because all our ingredients and products are purchased directly from the source, without intermediaries, and processed directly in our workshop. Therefore, our Agarwood product line is created with the best prices and the highest quality.

Ready to support detailed consultation

Wearing a natural agarwood bracelet will help enhance our style, making us more elegant and refined. This will lead us to focus more on our mind and body, appreciating the delicate values of agarwood, its scent, and deepening our self-awareness and clarity day by day.

🍀 Thank you everyone and wish you all peace and mindfulness in life. Hoping for a day to welcome everyone, those who have a passion for Agarwood and a deep understanding of life.

Vedeus Company commits to the quality of our products, ensuring that all our items are 100% genuine. We strictly reject counterfeit and low-quality products. Thank you for your trust and support.



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