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XXVIRGIN WHITENING CREAM - Dark spot treatment, brightening

$45.00 USD

Size & Options: N 5ml Perfume

N 5ml Perfume
Lipstick 5ml
Buttocks Enhancement Cream 5ml
Bikini W 5ml
Bikini W 15ml
N 15ml Vaginal Suppository
Buttocks Enhancement Cream 15ml

Benefits of the XXVirgin Whitening Cream:

- Skin regeneration - Eliminate dark pigmentation...even skin tone...

- Natural pink without damage

- Suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive areas

- Apply at home, easy to use, convenient

– Fast and effective

– Made in: Korea

XXVirgin A6: Treat dark armpits, groin, and thighs

XXVirgin N: Pink Shimmer

XXVirgin L: Treat dark spots, make lips pink

XXVirgin W: Pink Bikini

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Instructions for using the XXVIRGIN WHITENNING CREAM:

After cleaning the treated skin area, take a sufficient amount of cream (as shown) and apply evenly to dark skin areas, armpits, groin, lips, gently massage for the cream to absorb evenly

*Note: Apply a thin layer onlypearl flowerand avoid washing off with water after applying, the medicine will wash away

  • Use twice a day, morning and evening, regularly every day for best results
  • Visible results within 2 weeks, skin tone will becomePinkClear and distinct
  • Once you have achieved the desired results from treatment, you should maintain it 2-3 times a week to permanently preserve the results.



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