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YHL Snow White Sleeping Mask - YHL Whitening Sleeping Mask

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Product Information: YHL Whitening Sleeping Mask

YHL Snow White Sleeping Mask - Whitening Sleeping Mask YHL:Contains many vitamins and minerals, penetrates the skin immediately upon application, and restores essential moisture to the skin while stimulating circulation by activating cell regeneration, providing brightness and stimulating the skin's natural moisture recovery ability, and various plant extracts.

USAGE YHL Whitening Nourishing Sleeping Mask

Detoxify, brighten skin tone

– Inhibit melanin production, improve dark, dull skin, melasma, and freckles.

– Enhance the generation of new skin cells to nourish smooth white skin from deep within for radiant skin.

- Controls oil, provides optimal hydration balance for the skin, leaving it soft and healthy, a super effective moisturizer for the skin. Especially suitable for the dry weather of Vietnam. A product that everyone should have to get through the winter.

– Firming skin, eliminating signs of tired, dull, lifeless skin.

- Antioxidant and repair damaged skin.

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Main Ingredients YHL Whitening Nourishing Sleeping Mask

Whitening sleeping mask includes:

- Extracted from the white mulberry bark, it has anti-inflammatory, whitening, and improves uneven skin tone.

– Extracted from the roots of the evening primrose plant to soften the horny layer on the skin surface.

– Extracted from apricot fruit, excellent antioxidant.

– Extracted from Japanese pepper flower and Korean white willow tree, these extracts are in the category of medicinal herbs, traditional medicine used in Eastern medicine, with the function of inhibiting production and preventing infection, very effective in tightening pores, whitening skin, supporting wound healing, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory.

In addition, the product also contains: mango seed butter, argan oil, extracts from leaves, roots, and stems of Kava pepper, cactus extract, licorice root extract, all of which are natural herbal ingredients that are very safe, providing gentle moisture for the skin.

Special product does not contain mineral oil and animal-derived ingredients, ensuring gentleness even for sensitive skin

INSTRUCTIONS YHL Whitening Nourishing Sleeping Mask

Step 1: Cleanse the skin, ensuring that the pores are in their most open state

Step 2: Take a sufficient amount of mask, apply 5 dots on the face, then spread the mask evenly across the face

Step 3: Gently massage to help the mask penetrate deep into the skin

Step 4: Leave the mask on your face and go to sleep



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