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B1 DOCTOR MAGIC Set - Supports skin brightening and whitening

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Doctor Magic B1 Product Set includes:

– M03 Kem Xóa Thâm Làm Sáng Da (YING RUN CREAM) – 30g – Cream Form

– M18 Nourishing Cream - 50g



M18: Deep Nourishing Cream - 50g

Product is considered an essential skincare product for daily nourishment and moisturizing of the skin. With 39 essence ingredients, the product has effectively played a role in maintaining skin moisture, nurturing healthy skin from deep within. Millions of women have regained their "twenties skin" thanks to Doctor Magic Deep Nourishing Moisturizing Cream.

M03: Dark Spot Removal and Skin Brightening Cream (YING RUN CREAM) - 30g - Cream Form

This is the main product in Set B1 that helps to eliminate all dark spots, giving you firm, white, smooth, and naturally beautiful skin. Thanks to its breakthrough formula, combined with clean, green ingredients, the product helps to remove melanin pigments (the main cause of dark, dull skin), giving you a bright, beautiful pinkish-white complexion.

In addition, the Dark Spot Removal and Skin Brightening Cream also has the ability to stimulate Elastin manufacture Collagen Make the skin white, pink, and smooth.


Thanks to its outstanding effectiveness in improving the user's skin. Whenever the B1 set is mentioned, many women do not hesitate to consider it the "holy duo" for bright and white skin.

Invested and meticulously researched under the "golden hands" of leading beauty experts, combined with modern production technology imported from abroad. The B1 Doctor Magic set helps:

  • Nourish and brighten your skin naturally
  • Provides moisture and essential nutrients for the skin
  • Nourish and firm your skin from deep within
  • Enhance skin immunity, protect skin from external environmental damage such as sunlight, dust,...
  • Prevent and improve skin wrinkles.
  • Make the skin firm and smooth.
  • Improves dull, uneven skin tone, dark spots, and brightens skin tone clearly.


Evening: After cleansing the face, pat dry

Step 1: Use the Nourishing Cream. Take a sufficient amount of cream and apply it to your face. Use two fingers to spread the cream evenly across your face and gently massage for 2-3 minutes to help the cream absorb.

Step 2: Use the cream to help fade dark spots and brighten the skin (YING RUN CREAM). Take a generous amount of cream and apply it to the areas with dark pigmentation (apply enough to see the cream's texture), apply a thin layer to areas without pigmentation, use two fingertips to gently massage the cream into the skin for 1-3 minutes.

Daytime:After washing your face, pat dry

Step 1: Apply Deep Nourishing Cream

Step 2: Then apply the Nano BB Cream Concealer Sunscreen (NANO BB CREAM).


- Only use Dark Spot Correcting Cream for Brightening Skin at night.

- Focus on applying the cream to areas with dark, dull skin, and apply thinly to other areas of the skin.

- Apply a small to large amount of cream for the skin to gradually adapt in the first 5 days.

- When applying the Dark Spot Lightening Cream, you may experience a slight pinkish hue, tingling sensation, mild peeling, slight dryness, and tightness in the areas with dark and dull skin. The active ingredients are penetrating the skin to break down all melanin pigments causing dark spots to lighten the skin, so the above phenomena are completely normal.

- The product is best used for only 2.5 to 3 months at the right dosage to achieve the best results, especially the cream that helps Remove Dark Spots for Brighter Skin.

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