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Red Ginseng Celery Powder Herbslim Magic Powder

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Celery Powder Red Ginseng Herbslim Magic Powder: made from 100% pure Highland Celery along with 6-year-old or older red ginseng, rich in vitamins and minerals, supplemented with antioxidants, providing ample fiber for the body, promoting fast metabolism of fats, reducing cholesterol in the blood, enhancing bone strength, beautifying the skin, and maintaining a slim figure.


Cold-dried celery powder 1500mg
Red ginseng extract 150mg
Extracted from bứa fruit 100mg
Green tea extract 100mg
Lotus leaf extract 60mg
Thao Quyet Minh Extract 60mg

Ingredients: isomalt, glucose, sweet grass


– Supports enhanced fat metabolism

Helps reduce cholesterol in the blood

- Safe weight loss support

- Enhance bone strength

– Anti-aging, sleep regulation

- Supports respiratory and high blood pressure related diseases...


Put 1 packet of 3g into 80-100ml warm water at 50-70 degrees Celsius (adjust water amount according to preference)

Stir well and drink directly, take 30 minutes before meals

Intended Use

For overweight people, those with high cholesterol, and individuals looking to lose weight.

Box of 30 packets, 3g per packet

Expiry date: 36 months from the date of manufacture, stated on the product packaging

** This food is not a medicine, does not have the effect of replacing medicine to cure diseases. The effectiveness of the product depends on the health condition of each individual.


  • Need to persistently follow the regimen recommended by experts, the regimen lasts from 3 to 6 months
  • It is recommended to exercise regularly to keep your body healthy and absorb products better

Reasons to choose Herbslim celery:


  1. Effective Weight Loss and Body Cleansing: Herbslim Red Ginseng Celery Powder is the perfect combination of celery and red ginseng, delivering results unlike any other product in weight loss, eliminating excess fat, and detoxifying the body. Celery component has the ability to cleanse the body, remove toxins, and improve your overall well-being naturally.
  2. Modern Cold Drying Technology Preserves Nutrients: We utilize advanced cold drying technology to preserve all enzymes and nutrients from fresh celery, helping the product maintain superior quality compared to other conventional products.
  3. Enhance Immunity and Nutrition: In addition to celery, we also add rare Korean ginseng to the formula, helping to boost the immune system and provide additional nutrients to the body.
  4. Delicious Flavor and Odor Control: This product has a delicious and distinctive flavor while naturally eliminating the strong odor of celery, providing a pleasant experience for users.
  5. Natural Rare Ingredients: Herbslim Pink Ginseng Celery Powder is made from 100% natural rare ingredients such as celery, ginseng, green tea, lotus leaf, and clearweed, ensuring safety and gentleness for your health.
  6. Easy to Use and Cost-Effective: Convenient and easy-to-use product helps you save costs compared to manually juicing celery every day.
  7. Recommended by Health Experts: This product has met the standards to be part of the online health consultation program by Health & Life Newspaper - the official mouthpiece of the Ministry of Health in collaboration with True Natural, which signifies recognition and trust from health experts.
  8. Full Legal Profile: Our product has a complete legal profile and official recognition from the Ministry of Health.
  9. Great Feedback from Celebrities and Customers: This product has received positive endorsements from many top celebrities and thousands of customers after using it for 2-4 weeks, proving its effectiveness and reliability.

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