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Combo Peel Da Collagen 4K + Serum B5 HA + Kem Face Huyết Yến Bakuchiol COMICOS

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Main Ingredients

- Hydrolyzed Collagen extract: improves skin moisture and elasticity, helping to firm the skin. In particular, Hydrolyzed Collagen is an excellent anti-aging ingredient, preventing sagging and wrinkles from the outside. It is considered a "miracle for rejuvenating the skin" to combat signs of aging.

- Niacinamide: has anti-inflammatory properties, soothes redness and skin irritation, improves skin moisture by reducing water loss through the epidermis. In addition, Niacinamide also helps even out skin tone, fade acne scars, and dark spots.

- Hyaluronic Acid: provides superior moisturizing effect for sensitive skin, instantly soothes irritated skin.

– Glutathione: the cell's defender warrior, protecting against radiation damage. Perfect anti-aging and skin whitening capabilities.


- Hydrolyzed collagen helps smooth, whiten, and make skin healthy and radiant.

– Glutathione: brightening – even skin tone, antioxidant.

- Regenerate skin to make it firm, smooth, and radiant.

– Gentle and soothing peel, feels like applying a mask, no pain at all

Peel off and reveal rejuvenated skin after each peel.

– Peel collagen, whitening infusion, firm and shiny

- Can be used on all skin types, including dry and sensitive skin.

- Beautiful skin results immediately after use, gentle, soothing like applying a face mask.

- Peel collagen smoothens, brightens the skin, helps the skin healthy and glowing. Gently removes dead skin cells and provides necessary moisture for the skin.

- Controls oiliness, helps eliminate acne and reduce oily skin and blackheads after just 1 week of use.

- Anti-aging, effectively reduces wrinkles. Helps fade dark spots, freckles, acne scars for youthful, smooth skin.


1. When washing your face, take a sufficient amount of peel and apply evenly, avoiding the areas around the eyes and mouth. Apply evenly to the entire face.

2. After 30 minutes, when the collagen component is absorbed into the skin and forms a transparent film, remove the film, wash your face with water, and continue your skincare routine. 2-3 times a week.

3. Add a layer of serum and moisturizer to enhance the effectiveness of the product.

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