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Inner Gel Wettrust Multi-purpose Intimate Cleansing Solution

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Brand: Inner Wettrust

Specification: Box of 60 tubes

Origin: South Korea


Main Ingredients


Lactic Acid:This is a very essential Acid for the intimate area of women. This ingredient helps toEqual to pH level for the intimate area, preventing various gynecological diseases and infections. In addition, Lactic Acid can also prevent bacteria that cause unpleasant odors in the intimate area.

Aloe Vera:Aloe vera is a plant that is very good for beauty, health, and women's reproductive health. With the aloe vera extract in Inner Garm Wettrust vaginal gel, it helps to make the "lady part" pink, soft, smooth, and prevent bacteria.

Pomegranate:Pomegranate extract also helps reduce unpleasant odor-causing bacteria and vaginal infections.

Roman Chamomile:Roman Chamomile helps improve aging factors in the intimate area, rejuvenating it.

Wormwood:Wormwood has the effect of killing bacteria that cause odor for intimate areas.

Mulberry:Silk extract helps the intimate area regain elasticity, preventing wrinkles. Moreover, silk extract also helps the intimate area have a brighter, healthier color.

Hyaluronic Acid:This ingredient also helps balance the pH level of the intimate area.


Helps keep the intimate area clean, fresh, and effectively prevents inflammation, infection, and fungus.

- Provides nutrients to regenerate cells, effectively nourishing the intimate area without causing dryness or discomfort.

- Moisturizes and acts as a lubricating gel to make sexual activity easier.

- pH balanced for the vagina, eliminates dryness in the vaginal area, helps tighten the intimate area

– Eliminates odor, removes odor-causing bacteria, boosts immunity for intimate health, prevents gynecological diseases


- Wash hands before use.

– Remove the product from the packaging. Open the product by pulling the lid attached to the product.

- The best way to relax your body is to sit cross-legged and lean your body at a 45-degree angle.

- Slowly insert the tube into the vagina about 1/3 of the tube's body.

- Gently push the plunger to push the vaginal gel inside.

– Apply gently. No need to rinse with water.


- It is recommended to use the gel immediately after removing the cap.

- Recommended for women who have had sexual intercourse.

- Women in menstrual period, pregnant or breastfeeding should not use.

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