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Vento Vivere Luxe Caviar Fish Egg Skin Cream

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Vento Vivere Luxe Caviar Skin Care CreamExtracted from sturgeon eggs in the temperate region with a range of valuable nutrients to improve the skin, blur wrinkles, and folds, for youthful, smooth skin.

  • Specifications: 30g jar
  • Origin: Switzerland

Main Ingredients

Vento Vivere Luxe Caviar Premium Skin Care Creamextracted from 3 main ingredients: sturgeon eggs, white mushrooms, and pearls.

Sturgeon caviar: A component that has been researched and widely applied recently. Sturgeon caviar contains many nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins that help increase elasticity, smooth wrinkles, and improve skin surface structure.

Sturgeon caviar is highly absorbable into the skin without causing allergic reactions for sensitive skin.

White fungus and pearl: These are two familiar ingredients with whitening effects, improving skin pigmentation, fading dark spots, and dullness. They are also highly effective, fast-acting, and safe nutrients.

Furthermore,Fish collagen creamSwiss also contains many other nutrients that are very good for the skin.

Ginseng: Plays a positive role in promoting blood circulation to help the skin become rosy, and stimulates skin regeneration.

24k Gold: Also a very precious material with high effectiveness.

Swiss Caviar Essence: Has a positive effect on nourishing skin cells, regenerating and repairing damaged cells.


✔ Provides valuable nutrients to nourish healthy, smooth skin

✔ Increase elasticity, reduce wrinkles, and visible folds in just 28 days (*)

✔ Whitening, improving skin tone, fading dark spots, helping skin become white and pink without blemishes

✔ Improves skin firmness, reduces sagging and wrinkles

✔ Restore skin cells from deep within, reduce roughness and dryness

✔ Provides moisture for soft skin, nourishes for smooth and healthy skin

✔ Reduces the appearance of pores, controls oil, prevents acne

✔ Comprehensive anti-aging skin care, reduces signs of aging, giving you radiant, youthful skin

Outstanding Advantages of Vento Vivere Luxe Caviar Fish Egg Cream

High-end skin moisturizerVento Vivere Luxe Caviar CreamDeveloped and researched at the prestigious M&X Cell Research Center in Europe.

Thanks to the latest modern technology application, this moisturizer with an optimized absorption formula quickly penetrates the skin, helping to increase efficiency and shorten the skincare time.

Vento Vivere Skin MoisturizerNot in the form of cream as usual, but in the form of small capsules (resembling fish eggs) convenient for daily skincare.


☛ Vento Vivere Luxe Caviaris a premium skin care cream that is particularly popular in Switzerland and Europe. This Vivere cream line contains valuable nutrients with high levels and maximum absorption into the skin.

☛ Restores, regenerates, and nourishes youthful, smooth, and firm skin. Especially suitable for skin over 40s and 50s, you will see amazing results after just 28 days of use.

☛ Nutrient content ofVento Vivere Luxe Caviar Nourishing CreamFrom nature, safe for the skin. Does not contain any strong irritants that can cause skin damage, suitable for sensitive skin.

☛ In addition, with its superior formula, the moisturizer has excellent absorption ability, non-greasy, non-clogging, non-acne-causing,... You can completely trust to use.

☛ After the age of 30, women who have given birth may start to show signs of aging. Don't let it risk making you look old and unattractive, use Vento Vivere Luxe Caviar 30gto maintain youthful beauty, smooth and fair skin.


- Cleanse the skin, use toner (if available)

- Take a sufficient amount, apply evenly and massage all over the face and neck.

- It is recommended to use regularly twice a day for the best results.

- In addition, you should protect your skin with sunscreen before going out.

(*) Effectiveness may vary depending on individual skin type and skincare routine.

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