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Hanayuki Belly Slim Belly Fat Reduction and Skin Firming Cream

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Brand: Hanayuki

Specification: Tube 150g

Main Ingredients

Zingiber officinale root oil (ginger essential oil): It has a warming effect due to the presence of Gingerol and shogaol in its composition. Helps inhibit the regeneration of new fat cells, reduce cholesterol levels, and firm the skin.

Capsicum frutescens resin (chili oil): Active ingredient Capsaicin Hot chili combined with the warmth of ginger helps accelerate the energy burning process.

Cinnamomum zeylanicum bark oil: Helps improve blood circulation, especially effective in maintaining stable blood sugar levels.

In addition to the main ingredient mentioned aboveHanayuki Fat Burning Cream Ingredients: Aqua, Xanthan Gum, Sodium Edta, Carbomer, Triethanolamine, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Dimethicone, Niacinamide.


– Helps inhibit the regeneration of new fat cells, reduces cholesterol levels to firm the skin.

– Capsaicin from thermogenic chili, combined with the heat of ginger, helps accelerate the energy burning process.

– Helps improve blood circulation, especially in maintaining stable blood sugar levels.


Get a quantity ofHanayuki creamJust enough, apply a layer to the area of ​​skin to be used.

For the first few uses, apply a thin layer to feel the heat on your skin. If you don't feel enough heat, you can apply a thicker layer for a more intense and effective sensation.

Gently massage to help the active ingredients penetrate deep into the skin. Should useHanayuki Fat Burning Cream2 - 3 times a day. During product use, users may feel hot and red. However, this does not affect the safety of the skin.

Product does not cause skin irritation or significant skin irritation.

It is recommended to combine with exercise, supportive equipment, and a proper diet for the best results.

Notes when using Hana Belly Slim belly fat melting cream

- For external use only. Do not apply to eyes and mucous membranes.

- Keep out of reach of children. Women should start using this product 5-6 months after giving birth.

- Do not apply to areas of broken, irritated skin.

- Cover after use. Store in a cool, dry place. Avoid direct sunlight

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