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Korean Mela M Dark Spot and Freckle Cream

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Title: 1 Hộp Kem Mela M

1 Hộp Kem Mela M
1 Hộp Kem Mela Q


Brand: Mela M

Specification: 50g


- Moisturizes the skin, tightens pores, leaving the skin smoother and firmer.

- Supports regeneration and restoration of damaged skin, nourishing healthier skin.

- Optimal skin moisturization, firmness, and slowing down the skin aging process.

- Blur dark spots on the skin, whiten and gradually fade stubborn freckles and age spots.

- Helps regenerate collagen in the skin. Softens and smoothens skin structure, minimizes pores for firmer skin.

- Provides moisture, whitening nutrients, helps blur freckles and dark spots on the skin.

- At the same time, help reduce wrinkles, sagging skin, whiten skin, shrink pores, and blur long-standing dark spots.

- Helps skin stay smooth, bright, and slows down the aging process, preserving youthfulness. Suitable for ages 18 and up.

- Reduces the formation and development of melaninMelanin.

- Diminishes dark spots, freckles, melasma, and uneven skin tone.

- Provides deep whitening skin care ingredients, helping the skin become bright and radiant.

Intended Use

People with skin pigmentation.

People with freckles.

Uneven color.

People who want brighter skin.


- When using Mela M, only apply to dark spots in the first week.

- Can be used both in the morning and evening, can be used with serum and moisturizer as usual.

- You can refer to the following process:

Morning routine: Cleanser - toner - spot treatment - serum - moisturizer - sunscreen

Evening routine: Makeup remover - Facial cleanser - Toner - Dark spot corrector - Serum - Moisturizer

After 1 week of use, it covers the entire face.

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