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Nuwhite Pink Cream for Pink Nipples N1, Pink Private Area V1, Lighten Dark Armpits Buttocks Groin H6, Pink Lips L1A

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Product: Nuwhite Pinkens Intimate Area N1

Nuwhite Pinkens Intimate Area N1
Nuwhite Whitening Intimate Area V1
Nuwhite Underarm, Butt, Groin Whitening Cream H6
Nuwhite Lip Lightening L1A

Nuwhite Whitening Intimate Cream N1


Main Ingredients

Retinol, vitamin C, vitamin E, Provitamin B5, Kojic Acid, Aloe Vera Extract, Roman Chamomile, Deoxy-arbutin, Niacinamide, N-acetyl boldine, Licorice Root, Rehmannia Extract, and Pine Leaf Extract.


- Kojic Acid Essence Helps brighten and whiten the skin, fade dark spots, freckles, and melasma

- Aloe vera, Roman chamomile extract Contains natural arbutin for skin whitening, anthraglycoside for excellent moisturizing, helping the skin stay fresh, smooth, and bright.

– Deoxy-arbutin Also a skin whitening agent, for bright and even skin tone, creating a natural beauty.

- Niacinamide Has the ability to maintain high moisture levels by stimulating the body to produce ceramics and lipids that enhance moisture retention from within.

– N-acetyl boldiExtracted from the bark of the Chilean Boldo tree, it is an enzyme tyrosinase inhibitor, preventing melanin production, thus capable of whitening and fading freckles, and melasma.

– Acid Originating from various types of cereals. It helps to blur freckles and prevent new freckles from appearing.

- Licorice root Effectively brighten the skin, for a bright and even skin tone, creating a natural white and pink complexion.



- Brightens nipples, reduces dark spots.

- Enhances blood circulation to bring freshness and rosy color to the nipple area.

- Promotes skin renewal process, eliminates pigmentation causing dull skin.

- Suitable for all body types.

– Even long-term darkened nipples can still turn pink.


After cleaning the treated skin area, apply a sufficient amount of cream evenly on the dark skin area, massage gently for the cream to absorb evenly

- For use twice a day, morning and evening.

After a few days of treatment, the area may become dry and darker, but there is no need to worry. In about 5-7 days, the skin will peel lightly, leaving you with beautifully pink and white nipples.

- When the treatment has achieved the desired effect, you should maintain it once a week.

Nuwhite Whitening Intimate Area V1


Main Ingredients

– Deoxyarbutin: It is a essence that inhibits the activity of tyrosinase and melanin synthesis, bringing brightness and pinkness to the skin.

– Niacinamide: Possibly increases ceramide and free fatty acid levels in the skin, helping to prevent water loss and stimulate circulation in the dermis.

– Phenylethyl Resorcinol: Acts as an antioxidant, creating new pigments for the skin, especially suitable for aging skin.

– Vitamin C: Being a very powerful antioxidant, it prevents the oxidation-reduction process to create pigments as well as prevents free radicals from damaging and aging the skin.

– Phenylethyl Resorcinol: It is a highly stable and safe active ingredient, used in products for brightening the skin, removing dark spots, and suitable for people with aging skin.

- Kojic acid: Enzymes inhibit the synthesis of melanin, a natural pigment in the skin.

- Ascorbic Acid: It inhibits the activity of tyrosinase, making it effective in skin whitening, promoting collagen synthesis, and helping to remove dead cells.


- GigaWhite V1 Mibiti Prudente Professional has strong antioxidant effects on the skin and promotes collagen production.

Prevents the appearance of wrinkles, promotes the skin's repair process.

- Reduce inflammation and boost immunity to help skin fight against the harmful effects of sunlight.

- Increase the level of ceramides and free fatty acids in the skin, preventing water loss, stimulating circulation in the dermis.

- Improves uneven skin tone, removes darkened skin to reveal beautiful white skin quickly.


Before applying the cream, clean and moisturize your skin to enhance the absorption of the cream.

- Then take a small amount of cream and apply it evenly to the darkened intimate area, gently massage until the cream is completely absorbed into the skin

- Recommended to use twice a day, in the morning when waking up and in the evening before going to bed.

- When the desired results are achieved, it is recommended to use it once a week to prevent the skin from returning to its previous state.

Nuwhite Underarm, Groin, and Buttocks Whitening Cream H6



Main Ingredients

- Hydroxyquinone: Accounting for 6% of the total product volume, Hydroxyquinone plays a crucial role in strongly inhibiting tyrosinase enzymes, thereby minimizing and preventing the production of pigments that cause skin darkening and discoloration.

– Vitamin C: Known as a beneficial Vitamin for health, Vitamin C is present in the AlphaWhite H6 Mibiti Prudente Professional product at a 15% ratio, with antioxidant properties to prevent oxidative damage, inhibit free radicals that harm the skin, and prevent skin aging. Additionally, recognized for its role as a mild exfoliant, Vitamin C can eliminate existing dark pigments on your skin.

– Vitamin E: With a 15% Vitamin E content, AlphaWhite H6 Mibiti Prudente Professional has gained the absolute trust of many women. The beauty benefits of Vitamin E are no longer unfamiliar to women. A dermatological institute in Germany has pointed out that combining two types of Vitamin E and C helps the skin become healthier and more resistant to UV rays compared to not using them.

- Types of ingredients Provitamin B5, Phenylethyl Rescocinol, Kojic Acid: These ingredients are all stable and safe, helping to brighten the skin, promote the regeneration of new cells, and bring a bright and smooth complexion to your skin.

- In addition, AlphaWhite H6 Mibiti Prudente Professional also combines excellent natural ingredients for the skin such as aloe vera, chamomile, licorice root, Momordica oil, licorice root, Rehmannia,...


- Promotes the regeneration of new cells, bringing a new vitality to your skin

- Whitens and brightens sensitive skin areas under the arms and bikini area, armpits, groin, pubic area, buttocks... Controls hair growth and sweat glands that cause unpleasant body odor.

– Provides essential nutrients to nourish the delicate sensitive skin, prevent dryness, balance moisture.

- Enhances collagen production, helping this area of the skin become firmer and more attractive

- Minimize pores, reduce roughness, increase smoothness for the skin.

- Provides vitamins and nutrients to help restore smooth, bright skin.


- Apply a sufficient amount of product to the treated area 1-2 times per day after cleansing and balancing the skin, or as directed by a specialist.

Nuwhite Lip Lightening L1A


Main Ingredients

– Niacinamide: It has the ability to reduce melanosome bags that transport skin pigments from the production site to the outer skin cells, preventing melanin formation in both synthesis and transportation stages, thereby promoting skin whitening effectiveness. Moreover, Niacinamide also supports enhancing blood circulation to the treated area, helping the skin become fresh, radiant, and naturally glowing.

- Kojic Acid: This is an acid type that can remove pigmentation by inhibiting the enzyme that produces the pigment melanin, causing lips to fade in color and darken. Kojic acid also helps increase the production of neutral multi-nucleated leukocytes, promoting the effective removal of pigmentation that causes skin discoloration.

– Arbutin: is one of the safest and most effective skin whitening agents that has been certified. Arbutin performs its role by inhibiting the synthesis of the tyrosinase enzyme, which produces the melanin pigment.

– Provitamin B5: This is the precursor of vitamin B5. It has excellent skin penetration ability, making it easy to draw other active ingredients deep into the skin. Provitamin B5 can also improve and retain moisture for the skin, help the skin recover tissues, have anti-inflammatory properties, stimulate skin regeneration, and enhance the function of healthy cells.


- Helps structure and form pigments on the lips, giving them a plump, soft, and fresh appearance.

- Removes long-lasting dead cells, flakes on the lips.

– Provides nutrients, balances moisture, supplements blood to make lips less chapped and full of vitality.

- Improves dark, pigmented, and dry lips after using makeup products.


– After cleaning your lips, apply a sufficient amount of BioWhite L1A Mibiti Prudente Professional Lip Treatment Cream evenly on your lips.

- For use twice a day, morning and evening.

- It is recommended to use the product for a minimum of 1 to 3 months to see the best results.


- Dry, airy place, avoid direct sunlight

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