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Vento Vivere White Truffle Skin Regenerating Restoring Cream

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– VENTO VIVERE draws inspiration from traditional compounds and successfully preserves the energy of various active ingredients in Switzerland's national flower - edelweiss. Edelweiss, after being carefully harvested, is finely ground, heated, and filtered multiple times to extract its essence, containing active molecules that beautify the skin. With powerful light protection energy, extreme temperature and humidity resistance, it can effectively control the glycosylation process in the horny layer, recombine collagen and elastin, add vitality to your face, quickly brighten and firm the skin, thus unlocking the aging password.

– Scientists from VENTO VIVERE have successfully applied an exclusive extraction process to preserve the energy of the components in the white fungus and various activities in Switzerland's national flower - edelweiss, helping to quickly revitalize your face, restoring skin in just one night. These are 2 valuable and rare ingredients that only Vento vivre can bring to your skin.

Brand: Vento

Origin: Switzerland

Specification: 50g box

Main Ingredients

Mushroom extract Truffle - a rare and nutritious type of mushroom with special nutrients:

Polysaccharide: As an active ingredient that helps moisturize, retain moisture, soften the skin, and increase elasticity, reducing wrinkles with long-term use.

Selenium with powerful antioxidants: Stimulate collagen production for smooth, elastic skin, prevent wrinkles, inhibit melanin causing freckles, dark spots

This mushroom promotes the production of new cells, rejuvenates the skin, repairs damage, scars, while activating healthy skin cells, reducing harmful effects from free radicals in the environment.

Extracted from mushroom in skincare products promises to bring unexpected effects to the skin.

Suitable skin for using Vento Vivere White Truffle cream

Dry, rough, lifeless

Sensitive skin, prone to redness, thin and delicate skin

Facials, acne treatment, and laser

Lacking elasticity, wrinkles, and folds

Premature aging

With dark scars, dark spots, uneven skin tone

Sunburned, damaged


✔ Vento White Moisturizing CreamHelps increase moisture, softens and smoothens the skin

✔ Increases elasticity, tightens and shines

✔ Revitalize skin, reduce acne, allergies

✔ Repair damaged cells, promote regeneration of new cells

✔ Vento White Cream inhibits melanin causing freckles, dark spots

✔ Enhances collagen production, reduces wrinkles, and prevents sagging

✔ Minimize pores

✔ Improves skin condition with visible blood vessels, thin and weak

✔ Vento Truffle Skin Cream whitens and evens out skin tone

✔ Fills pitted scars, dark scars

✔ Antioxidant, reduces the harmful effects of free radicals


Cleanse the skin. Use toner (if available).

Apply dots of cream on different points of the face and gently massage.

Use every evening, after 2 months, there will be a noticeable improvement

Store in a dry place, away from direct sunlight

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