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Hanayuki White Body Whitening Cream

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Brand: Hanayuki

Specification: Tube 150g

Main Ingredients

Secret Inside the ProductHanayuki White Bodyis the use of precious natural essences. All combined together after a long process of meticulous research to create the product.

Ingredient called Niacinamide, or simply known as Vitamin B3, helps enhance the production of Ceramide and Collagen. This ingredient helps tighten pores for smoother skin.

Serum Tocopherol Vitamin E is the solution to inhibit the formation of black pigments on the skin. It helps reduce existing black pigments, gradually brightening the skin over time.

The ingredient extracted from Aloe Vera is called Aloe barbadensis leaf juice, with two main components being Lignin (Cellulose) and Poly-saccharide (Carbon Hydrate). They quickly penetrate deep into the skin, eliminating bacteria and oil residues, which are the main causes of clogged pores.

With Morus alba root extract extracted from mulberry, it will significantly brighten your skin, giving you a smooth and bright complexion.

In addition, the full-body whitening cream contains natural nutrients such as minerals, and other vitamins combined in the product.


Helps whiten the whole body skin.

Helps nourish and soften the skin all over the body.


Cleanse the whole body.

Take a sufficient amount of cream, apply it to the desired area of the skin, gently massage for the cream to deeply penetrate the skin.

It is recommended to apply the cream in the morning and afternoon. In case of going out in the sun, apply the cream about 30 minutes before.

For first-time users of the product, they may experience slight redness, warmth, or tingling on the skin, which is completely normal. This is due to the active ingredients in the product interacting with the skin. After about 5 days, these symptoms will disappear, and the skin will return to normal.

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