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Volayon Spinnem Powder Spirulina Powder Face Mask

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Product: 1 Box of Volayon Spinem Powder Face Mask (Green)

1 Box of Volayon Spinem Powder Face Mask (Green)
1 Box of Volayon Lateenix Power Face Mask (Orange)
1 Box of Volayon Stoquiren Powder Face Mask (gray color)


Brand: Volayon

Origin: South Korea

Specification: 500g box


✔ Purifies the skin, eliminates toxins

✔ Removes excess oil, balances skin

✔ Minimize pores

✔ Soothes skin, provides deep hydration

✔ Reduces dark pigmentation, whitens skin

✔ Improves skin firmness, elasticity, and reduces wrinkles

✔ Antioxidant, helps skin healthy and radiant


Safety Level:

Volayon Korean Face MaskWith high mildness, free from fragrances, colorants, or prohibited substances in cosmetics. Therefore, this mask is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive, damaged, allergic, redness, sunburned skin, etc.

Volayon face mask is trusted by spas and clinics for customers, so you can use it with peace of mind.


Face mask SpirulinaVolayon 500ghas a uniquely formula. The powder mask transforms into a peel-off mask that helps purify the skin, provide nourishment for healthy skin, and reduce signs of aging.

Depending on your skin type and care needs, you can choose the Volayon mask line that suits you. However, what you will definitely get is smoother, brighter, and more balanced skin after just a few uses.

Easy to use, relaxes the skin:

The first feeling when you apply Volayon face mask is extremely cool, refreshing. The mask texture after mixing is not too thin or sticky, causing discomfort. The mixing process is very simple for beginners, you can completely experience a spa-quality mask right at home.

Trusted Brand:

Volayon face mask from South Korea - the land of the most developed beauty industry in Asia. This product has been popular and best-selling in Korea and many countries around the world.

How many types of VOLAYON masks are there?

Volayon Korean Face Mask comes in 3 types, specifically:

Volayon Spinem Powder Face Mask (green color): This is a face mask suitable for all skin types, currently the best-selling among 3 types.

The main ingredient of this mask is seaweed essence (spirulina algae) providing many nutrients, vitamins A, C, E, minerals, essential amino acids.

- Purifies the skin, removes toxins

Volayon green leaf maskSoothes skin, reduces irritation, redness, and acne

- Nourishes healthy, bright, smooth skin, reduces dark spots

- Regenerate new cells, stimulate collagen production, restore damaged cells

- Maintain skin elasticity and firmness

- Comprehensive antioxidant and anti-aging

Volayon Spirulina Face Maskis the ideal choice for your skin.

Volayon Lateenix Power Face Mask (orange):Specializes in whitening skin, suitable for dull, uneven skin tone, with dark spots and freckles

With a unique formula containing Sea Buckthorn fruit extract, glucose, and peppermint leaf extract,Volayon orange face maskHelp:

– Inhibit melanin pigmentation, prevent dark spots

- Improves skin tone, effectively whitens

- Diminishes freckles, dark spots, and restores sun-damaged skin

- Supports anti-inflammatory, soothes skin, provides natural moisture for healthy skin

- Increases skin elasticity, reduces sagging, wrinkles

Volayon Stoquiren Powder Face Mask (Gray): Specializes in oil control, tightening pores for oily skin

With the main ingredient being mineral mud, Volayon gray face maskis the ideal solution for oily skin, large pores, hidden acne, blackheads,...

- Mineral clay helps absorb oil, balance pH for the skin

- Effectively reduces oiliness, while preventing acne-causing agents

- Great for minimizing pores

- Maintains natural moisture and helps skin stay firm, bright, and elastic

- Purifies skin, reduces hidden acne, whiteheads, blackheads


  • Cleanse the skin.
  • Mix 1:1 ratio of mask powder and water to create a thick mixture
  • Apply on the skin for 20 minutes. Then remove
  • Use a cotton pad soaked with toner to wipe, no need to rinse your face again
  • Continue with your remaining skincare steps
  • Recommended for use 2 times per week

Store in a dry place, away from sunlight, moisture, keep out of reach of children

Note: Use regularly for best results.

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