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SAFFRON SUPER NEGIN Persian Saffron helps with sleep, boosts health

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Product: 1 box (2 grams) of Saffron

1 box (2 grams) of Saffron
3 boxes (6 grams each) of Saffron



– Supplementing Vitamin A, B, C, folic acid, manganese, magnesium, calcium,... to enhance health.

Supports digestive system, enhances nutrient absorption, prevents harmful bacteria from entering the intestines.

- Relieves bloating, digestive discomfort.

– Supports nervous system, reduces stress, reduces risk of depression, memory loss, Alzheimer,..

- Inhibit the formation and development of diseased cells.

- Prevent heart disease, stroke, reduce cholesterol in the blood, regulate blood pressure.

- Enhance vision, nourish the macular of the eye, reduce the risk of macular degeneration, cataracts.

- Enhances male and female sexual health.

- Treat chronic insomnia, help sleep well, and refresh the spirit.

- Body detox, supports liver and kidney in eliminating toxins.

- Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, prevents acne.

- Inhibit melamine, prevent freckles, dark spots, and moles.

- Bahraman saffron cream brightens, evens skin tone, reduces dark spots, and fights aging.

- Maintains natural moisture, prevents dryness, peeling, oxidative stress, protects skin from UV rays and environmental damage.


- Phytochemical acts as antioxidants for the body.

– Picrocrocin stimulates the digestive system.

– Crocin and Crocetin are bright red pigments, with antioxidant properties and good for the heart.

– Safranal is the main component that creates the fragrance of Saffron, very good for the eyes.


- Tea infusion: Put 5-7 strands into a cup of boiling water, wait a few minutes for Saffron Out of stock. (Can be brewed Saffron with honey)

- Making a face mask for skin care: Use about 5-7 saffron threads combined with: honey; unsweetened fresh milk; papaya; rice bran powder or olive oil,...

- Suitable for individuals aged 16 and above.

-Should not For use by pregnant or breastfeeding women, or children.

Note:Do not exceed 0.1g/day and 9g/month. Excessive use may lead to poisoning.

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