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Chill in the Wood 100ml Eau De Parfum

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Chill in the Wood perfume - inspired by the souls of young people yearning for freedom, in both body and mind. A liberating forest, the joyful melody of nature, the sweetness of colors of flowers and leaves, and the warm taste that only this place has - soothing all the wounds of youth. More than just a fragrance, Chill in the Wood is also a healer.


  • Product Name: Chill in the Wood
  • Capacity: 100ml
  • Technology: The new fragrance brand integrates advanced technology with superior long-lasting scent retention on clothes.
  • Warranty: 3 years from the date of manufacture
  • Brand: Check on the product packaging

Storage Instructions: Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

💎 Maximum scent longevity up to 12 hours

Thanks to the Eau de Parfum line with high oil concentration for long-lasting fragrance - on par with famous perfume brands

A lively breeze will rush in and fill the room when you open the lid. Chill in the Wood is a bottled product of youthful, carefree, and passionate experiences. The music beats loudly, one hand on the shoulder and the other pointing to the sky - as if to affirm that youth is best spent doing crazy things with crazy friends. Every experience will warm up when the sense of smell becomes the witness. Chill in the Wood preserves the essence of faraway journeys without needing to know the return date of young people who always live life to the fullest.


Top Note: Bergamot, Grapefruit, Clary Sage, Mandarin, Green

Middle Note: Rose, Orange Flower, Violet, Lily of the Valley, Jasmine, Fruity

Base Note: Patchouli, Amber, Cedar, Lactone, Musky

– 1st Layer: Fresh fragrance spreading from the fruit garden of various species Cam Bergamot, Lemongrass, Tangerine, Green, and Clary Sage essential oils will transport you to a small garden nestled amidst a refreshing and liberating forest

– Second layer: Persuading you to linger longer than the sweetness of roses, orange blossoms, Violet Lily of the Valley, and pure jasmine, enhancing the beauty of freedom sometimes not lonely at all

- Floor 3: And peace will always be with you with the warm combination of woody scents: Sandalwood, amber, cedar, and the indispensable sweetgrass, Lactone - a perfect base note for souls in need of peace

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