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Finozyme 310 Japanese Weight Loss and Skin Beauty Support Drink

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Brand: Finozyme 310

Manufacturer: Dr.Select

Packaging: Box of 30 packets x 15ml

Main Ingredients

Combining 4 main types of herbs: chrysanthemum, coriander, bitter apple, grape leaves helps prevent oxidation process, enhance the body's ability to burn excess fat.

- The components in the essence of bird's nest have been distilled such as: Sialic Acid has been processed to increase the body's absorption rate up to 90%, these components combined with Collagen in Finozyme 310 drink enhance the body's ability to absorb Collagen

- Does not contain preservatives, harmful colorants, preservatives, or added fragrances

- Classic polyphenols found in Black Has anti-aging effects, especially effective in treating dark circles under the eyes


- Helps to tighten the skin after a short period of use, preventing the skin aging process.

- Improves rough, unsightly skin areas, reduces eye bags, and treats dark circles under the eyes.

- Eliminates body odor caused by sweat.

- Very suitable for people with irregular diets, eating a lot of fast food, drinking alcohol, attending parties, or smoking cigarettes....

- Improve stress, fatigue, and tiredness in the body.

- The processed swallow's nest ingredients help the body absorb collagen most effectively.

- Provides a large amount of fiber, slows down the absorption of fat, sugar, and body fat accumulation, thereby helping to effectively lose weight.

- Enhanced Lactic Acid helps maintain a healthy digestive system and stimulate the immune system.

- Vitamin C in Finozyme 310 helps fight oxidation, prevent anemia, firm and brighten the skin, and rejuvenate the skin.

Intended Use

- Suitable for:

+ Unhealthy eating habits, skipping meals, and frequently missing meals.

Prone to weight gain, even with little food intake, with a tendency to store fat in the abdomen, hips, and thighs, making weight loss difficult.

+ Helps with bloating and indigestion.

Feeling tired in the morning, sluggish, not comfortable to start a new energetic day.

    + People who often suffer from insomnia


- Drink 1 packet every day

- Shake well before drinking

Drink before going to bed, the product has a delicious sweet and sour taste

- Due to the natural fermentation process, sediment may occur, so please shake gently before use and store in the refrigerator.

- To recharge for a working day, you can drink it in the morning after waking up.


- Discontinue use of the product if it is not suitable for your body.

- Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

Keep out of reach of children.

- This product is not a medicine and does not have the effect of replacing medicine in treating diseases.

- The effectiveness of the product depends on the user's body.

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