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Peel Da Retinol Vi Tảo Le’Peau

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Main Ingredients: Retinol Peel with Le'Peau Algae Extract


Plant extract Bạch Chỉ

Ginseng Extract

Extracted from Western Turmeric

Reishi Extract

Licorice Powder

Green Tea Powder

Collagen fish scale

Cozenim Q10

Retinol, Vitamin A derivative. Centella Asiatica extract, Mugwort extract, Seaweed extract.



Helps remove dead skin cells, fade acne scars, and even out skin tone.

Helps skin absorb nutrients easily, leaving it firm, smooth, and elastic

Help penetrate into the skin to enhance collagen production, support acne treatment, and rejuvenate the skin

Intended Use

For both men and women aged 20 and above

For dark spots, freckles, imperfections, dull skin, acne scars…

Age groups U30-U40 need regular skin renewal and rejuvenation.


For Acne Serum

Use a sufficient amount to apply to the damaged skin area or the entire face and gently massage overnight. Should be used twice a day, morning and evening, for best results.

Note: Use for about 7-10 days to gather acne buds, then remove the acne core to clean before using the Peel skin set.

For Serum Peel

Apply a sufficient amount to the face, then massage for 3 to 5 minutes and rinse off the skin (do not leave on for too long).

Use 2-3 times a day. Use within 2 days.

For sensitive skin: peel twice a day, each time for 3 minutes.

For normal skin: peel 3 times a day, each time for 5 minutes.

For Serum B5

After playing soccer (from day 8-10), you should apply the included B5 serum to help your skin recover well and resume normal skincare routine.

How to use: Apply a sufficient amount to the face, then massage to allow the essence to absorb into the skin, no need to rinse off


When using the "peel da" method, there may be a sensation of heat, stinging, and slight tingling.

After peeling, the skin will become dry and tight. After 4-6 peeling sessions (within 2 days), stop and wait for the skin to peel off. If the skin is not tight or showing any signs, you can use it for an additional 1-2 times. Do not exceed more than 1 bottle.

After peeling, the skin may appear dull and dark. This is a normal phenomenon and there is nothing to worry about, the skin will become bright and even after peeling.

After peeling, limit washing your face or using saline water to wash your face. Do not use other products during the peeling process.

After 5-7 days of use, the skin may peel, so apply the accompanying B5 serum to help the skin recover well and resume normal skincare routine.

Handle with care when going out, avoid direct sunlight.


Day 1 ❘ PEEL ESSENCE CHARACTERISTICS: On the first day of contact with the Peel Vi Seaweed Le'Peau product, there may be a slight tingling and mild warmth, you must apply the dosage and frequency as directed for each skin type (*see more in the User Manual), in addition, the essence has a distinctive herbal scent and deep mossy green color; after use, make sure to close the lid tightly for dry storage. Remember to wash your face with water after 3-5 minutes!

Day 2 + 3 ❘ CONTINUE TO APPLY AS DIRECTED: Continue to apply the Peel essence according to the instructions from the brand for your skin type. Observe the skin's reactions because at this point, slight tingling or warmth may still occur. Temporarily discontinue the use of exfoliating products and daily cosmetics to allow the Peel essence to penetrate the skin. Note not to intentionally apply more than the recommended dosage; it may harm the skin and damage the surface for sensitive skin types.

Day 4 ❘ START THE "PEELING" PROCESS: Stop using the Peel essence from today to allow your skin to naturally undergo the "peeling" process. The Peel essence will penetrate the skin and stimulate cell regeneration to form new skin layers. Your skin may become dry and dull during this process. Remember to apply sunscreen diligently and ensure a nutritious diet, as well as gently cleanse your face with clean water daily instead of using abrasive cleansing products that deeply cleanse.

Day 5 + 6 MAIN FOOTBALL MOMENT: The peeling process is strong and clearly visible on the skin. You can easily see the formed peeling patches and small peeling areas. Note not to use your hands to peel or intentionally impact the face skin and excess peeling skin to limit bacteria on the skin and ensure the peeling process occurs naturally. Additionally, pay special attention to sun protection and skin care when going out; to keep the face skin breathable and absolutely "not" use cosmetics during this time. The peeling process may occur earlier or later by 1-3 days depending on individual differences and skin conditions.

Day 7 END OF "PEELING" PERIOD: Most of the dead skin cells have been reduced and the skin regeneration process is nearing completion. When observing the skin, you can easily see the formation of a new, bright layer of skin; however, the skin surface at this time is quite thin and sensitive. Note that you can gently wash your face with clean water or a mild SRM product. You should wait until all the dead skin has completely peeled off before proceeding to the recovery phase.

Day 8 (From now on) ❘ RECOVERY & MOISTURIZING PHASE: After the skin has completed the peeling process, the most crucial step is to restore the skin with Serum B5 and similar products suitable for your skin. Once the skin becomes healthier, you can resume your daily skincare routine as usual. Remember to diligently apply sunscreen and protect this sensitive new skin. Wishing you a wonderful rejuvenating experience and owning healthy, beautiful, and radiant skin!!!

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