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CC Nano M24 Doctor Magic Cushion Foundation

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Makeup is the "secret of color dye" that helps your face becomeBeautiful and stylishandSeductivemore.

But with a thick layer of makeup that many women find uncomfortable, especially on hot summer days.

Understanding this, the natural "barely there" makeup look is currently on trend, aiming to enhance the natural features of the face.

- And the CC Nano M24 Doctor Magic foundation is considered the "indispensable assistant" of this makeup style.


– The miraculous product creates a thin, smooth, translucent, glossy, smooth base makeup layer with just the right coverage for a natural feel. M24 Doctor Magic deserves to be the perfect makeup powder for all skin types.

- Good sun protection ability, can replace primer, foundation, powder, maintaining a long-lasting foundation for 3 - 4 hours, even when reapplying powder multiple times, it does not create a thick foundation feeling.

- Excellent adherence, helps makeup last longer thanks to ultra-fine molecular particles. Combined with an extremely soft sponge, the cream quickly absorbs, giving the skin a very natural and bright tone.

- At the same time, the product deeply nourishes the skin from within, making the skin firmer, whiter, smoother, and full of vitality.

- Absorbs oil, helps skin control maximum oil, not greasy, thanks to containing oil control ingredients.

- SpecialMiracle CC Nano PowderPerfect for those with dry skin, doesn't cake when applying makeup, giving you a comfortable and confident feeling all day long.


♦ Design, packaging

Miracle CC Nano PowderFeatures a classy design with a basic round shape. The elegant combination of two colors, GOLD and BLACK, creates a luxurious look for the product. Inside, the powder core is removable and separated by a layer of plastic for easy cleaning, worry-free. Mold. In addition, with its compact design, you can easily carry it with youMiracle CC Nano Powderto look beautiful anytime, anywhere.

♦ Cream texture

Invested and meticulously researched under the golden hands of experts in the beauty industry.Miracle CC Nano PowderWith a liquid structure, ultra-fine powder particles easily absorb into the skin without causing stickiness for the user. This allows the product to adhere extremely well, helping the makeup layer last longer.

♦ Safety has been verified

Mainly extracted from nature, Miracle CC Nano PowderGuaranteed safe, gentle, suitable for all skin types.


• Step 1: Take a small amount of the product onto a powder puff and gently pat all over the face

Step 2:Apply a small amount of product evenly

Step 3:Close tightly after use to prevent active ingredients and moisture from evaporating

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