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d’Alba White Truffle Supreme Intensive Skin Nourishing Mineral Spray Serum

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Origin: South Korea

Brand: d’Alba

Volume: 100ml

- Expiry date: 3 years from the date of manufacture

Main Ingredients

24K Gold Essence, Vitamin E, avocado extract, macca seed oil, olive oil, lotus flower, and Truffle essence help whiten the skin, effectively prevent dullness and pigmentation.

d'Alba essence with a fast-absorbing mist structure provides moisture to help the skin look plump, smooth, without feeling dry or tight. Once you try it, you'll love it.


Revitalize your skin, making it bright, youthful, fresh, and radiant.

Provides excellent hydration for plump, hydrated skin

Erase imperfections, generate collagen, increase elasticity.

Soothes damage, restores skin, reduces acne.

Benefits of d’Alba White Truffle Supreme Intensive Mineral Spray Serum

D'Alba Nourishing EssenceFormulated in a SPRAY mist form for quick absorption into the skin, providing nutrients and super moisturization for a smooth, glowing complexion.

The magical combination of skin care essence and mineral spray for double skin care effectiveness, providing hydration to the epidermis while delivering serum deep into the dermis every hour, every minute

Provides moisture to the skin and increases elasticity, suitable for those with dry to combination dry skin

Works like a serum to help tighten pores

Helps rejuvenate skin with anti-aging properties, leaving it smooth and relaxed from within

D'Alba Nourishing Essencewith a protective layer to shield the skin from harmful environmental factors. The skin, after applying the nourishing mist, will be left with a refreshing, light fragrance, firm and bright, helping to prevent dry and tight skin sensations.


Shake the bottle gently a few times to mix the oil and essence before use.

Close your eyes and spray the product onto your face (about 20cm away).

Gently tap with your fingertips on the face to allow the essence to penetrate deeply into the pores.

Can be used before or after makeup to lock in moisture for long-lasting makeup, or use anytime when the skin feels dry.

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