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YHL Gold Snail Essence Facial Cleanser

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PRODUCT DETAILS YHL Gold Snail Essence Facial Cleanser

Origin: South Korea

– Capacity: 150ml

– Made in: South Korea

Brand: YHL


- Removes dirt, oil, and makeup for deeply clean skin

- Creates an effective moisture barrier, reduces dry skin, and increases skin elasticity

– Helps brighten skin, nourish and keep skin soft, smooth, and firm

- Supports the anti-aging process, giving smooth, firm, and youthful skin


Snail slime translation

- Essence from snail mucus stimulates the production of collagen and elastin under the skin, soothes skin damage, restores moisture, and protects the skin from harmful free radicals that cause premature aging.

- Snail secretion filtrate contains beneficial ingredients such as glycolic acid, glycoprotein enzymes, and peptides.

- These ingredients make snail mucus excellent for skin repair, reducing dark spots, pigmentation (including acne scars), firming and increasing skin elasticity, enhancing collagen and elastin production.

Snail mucus extract is also very good for moisturizing the skin as it contains hyaluronic acid (a moisturizing ingredient that draws water into the outer layers of the skin).

Gold Essence

- Gold helps reduce dry skin and enhance metabolism to prevent skin aging. It provides hydration, maintains skin moisture, and keeps the skin firm, smooth, and youthful.

- Gold can activate basal cells to help skin increase elasticity. Therefore, it will blur wrinkles and dark spots on the skin, helping ladies bring a bright and smooth skin.

- Gold helps brighten skin tone and nourish a radiant, healthy, and pinkish complexion from within. It aids in collagen regeneration and reduces signs of aging.

- Gold helps delay the process of reducing elastin and restoring the elasticity of cell tissue, preventing skin aging. Therefore, gold essence helps the skin stay firm

Collagen hydrolyzed - Hydrolyzed Collagen

- Enhances elasticity and helps maintain healthy skin

- Protects the skin to retain moisture.

- Tightens pores, improves and reduces the appearance of wrinkles

- Creates the highest level of smoothness, firmness, and elasticity for the skin,

- Use Hydrolyzed Collagen to prevent aging, help the process of synthesizing and regenerating new collagen in the skin to always be circulated.


Step 1: Use a makeup remover cotton pad to remove makeup and dirt from the skin

Step 2: Take a sufficient amount of facial cleanser, apply evenly and create foam on the skin, massage for about 2-3 minutes

Step 3: Rinse with clean water, dry the skin

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