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M35 Doctor Magic Hair Removal Cream for Super Bright Smooth Skin

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Product Information: M35 DOCTOR MAGIC Hair Removal

  • Every girl wants to be herselfCONFIDENT - SHINE.
  • However, "vi - o - long" always "Compact" and make you Out of stock, Lack of charm - Loss of confidenceIn many situations.
  • Don't give up, you keep trying various methods but: Shaving makes hair grow back quickly, harder to handle. Waxing causes pain and darkens the skin. Plucking makes pores larger,...

=> Don't worry anymore! Because there is alreadyM35 Doctor Magic Hair Removal Cream for Super Bright Smooth Skin - Solution for hair removalSafe - Effective - Painless - Fast

Specifications: 120ml bottle




Unlike regular hair removal creams, the product M35 DOCTOR MAGIC HAIR REMOVALIs a spray hair removal that helps gently remove hair and tighten pores, without causing pain like waxing products.

When spraying the hair removal spray on the area you want to remove hair, you will feel a cool sensation, without any burning sensation, providing comfort and ease for the user. After hair removal, you will feel soft, smooth skin with a light tone.

Special offer M35 DOCTOR MAGIC Hair Removal Contains many breakthrough formulas, helping to maximize hair removal efficiency.

Convenient spray bottle design, easy to use, easy to carry and use.

Formulated with natural essence ingredients to ensure safety for all skin types.

Visible results, fast, longer time for hair regrowth compared to other products on the market.

After hair removal, the skin becomes soft, smooth, and slightly brighter.

Create a cool and relaxing feeling every time you use it.


- Helps remove all types of hair easily without the need for shaving or waxing.

- Helps reduce the growth of longer, thicker hair.

- Helps tighten pores, leaving the skin smooth, bright, and naturally white.

- Clean hair in a short time.


Step 1:Clean and dry the skin area before hair removal.

Step 2:To remove hair from the skin area, spray continuously in the direction of hair growth and spread the product evenly on the area to be depilated with a thin layer. Apply more product on areas with thick and coarse hair.

Step 3:Wait for 5 minutes, then use a spoon or tissue to remove a small area to check. If the hair on the body easily comes off the skin, continue to use the spoon to remove the remaining hair and clean with a hair removal wipe. If the hair on the body is still firm and cannot be removed, wait for an additional 2 minutes before wiping clean. Note: Total time should not exceed 8 minutes.

Step 4:Clean the skin with water after use and dry it.

Step 5:Clean the nozzle after use and close the lid.


  • For first-time use of the hair removal spray bottle, test on a small area of skin to check Allergy, especially for sensitive skin areas!
  • Do not use on areas with varicose veins, rashes, injuries, redness, itching, sunburn.
  • If the skin area is red, itchy, irritated, clean the skin, stop using the product, and contact us immediately for advice.

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