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RMON White Label Dia Body Scrub Exfoliating Salt Body Scrub

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Brand: Women

Weight: 400g

Origin: South Korea

Main Ingredients

Rmon White Label Dia Body Scrub Exfoliating Full Body Scrub Stand out with pink salt extract with high antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that quickly remove dead skin cells, improve folliculitis, transform dull, lifeless skin into radiant and healthy over time, is a "powerful tool" to help women take care of their skin effectively.

Furthermore, ingredients Pink salt Also responsible for removing the layer of old, excess dead cells accumulated on the skin - the main cause of rough, acne-prone, inflamed pores on the body;Exfoliating ScrubAlso enriched with whitening and brightening vitamins, enhancing skin tone and texture. Especially, it provides moisture to prevent dryness after use.

Rmon White Label Dia Body Scrub Exfoliating GelHelps balance moisture, prevents skin from drying out after use, enhances the effectiveness of whitening skincare products.

With a structure in the form of Seed scrubSuper smooth, the product does not scratch or damage the skin during use

Sweet fragrance, providing a relaxing and pleasant feeling for users.

The product is researched and formulated with safe and gentle ingredients, free from harmful substances, and does not damage the skin.

It is recommended to use it consistently 2-3 times a week for optimal results.

It is recommended to use body lotion after exfoliating to prevent dry skin


Gently helps remove dry and rough skin cells, stimulating new smooth and healthy skin cells from the first use.

Cream-like texture containing pink vitamin beads to enhance skin brightening.

Antibacterial pink salt extract, anti-inflammatory for itchy, red skin. Improves rough, dull, acne-prone skin, on the back, inflamed acne, knees, elbows, dark spots, inflamed hair follicles.

Moisture balance, helps prevent dryness after use, enhances the effectiveness of whitening skincare products.

Super fine and gentle scrub that does not cause dryness or any damage.

Sweet, pleasant fragrance that creates a relaxing sensation throughout use.


Cleanse body with water

Take a sufficient amount to apply gently on the body for a light massage to remove dead skin cells

Special note: pay attention to sensitive areas such as armpits, knees, buttocks,...

Rinse with clean water, use weekly 1-2 times for desired effectiveness.

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