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Superior Makeup Remover X2 M32 DOCTOR MAGIC

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Product Information: X2 M32 DOCTOR MAGIC Super Premium Makeup Remover


- Never used makeup remover because they think it's unnecessary.

- Makeup face all day long without needing makeup remover!

- You think makeup remover is only used when wearing makeup.


Did you know that by "underestimating" the makeup removal step, you are gradually "damaging" your own beauty, leading to your skin becoming increasingly saggy, wrinkled, and even developing inflamed acne, pus-filled acne.

Don't continue the mistake with another mistake! Please use M32 - SUPERIOR X2 DOCTOR MAGIC MAKEUP REMOVERstarting today!


Is an affordable makeup remover for oily, acne-prone skinSuperior X2 Doctor Magic Makeup RemoverOnce again "captivates" millions of customers with outstanding features such as:

  • Product extracted from natural herbal ingredients containing various essences that help remove all makeup layers on the skin.
  • Helps clean dirt, excess sebum accumulated deep inside the pores over time.
  • Helps soften the skin, maintains good moisture after makeup removal.
  • Provides a clean, fresh, bright, and smooth feeling to the skin without drying it out.

How important is the DOCTOR MAGIC makeup remover to your skin?

Under the influence of the surrounding environment such as smoke, dust, sunlight, and many other factors like makeup, sunscreen,... after a long day, accumulation can cause clogging and blockage of pores.

From there, causing clogged pores, forming infected acne, making the skin surface rough, dry, increasingly weakened. Many of you have used many products but have not found a safe, quality makeup remover for acne-prone skin.

Therefore, useSUPERIOR X2 MAKEUP REMOVERis the solution for healthy and beautiful skin every day.

Invested and carefully researched based on the characteristics of Vietnamese women's skin, the productSUPERIOR X2 MAKEUP REMOVERis a complex of natural-origin active ingredients, bringing you clean, healthy, and smooth skin from deep within. Additionally, after the face has been properly cleansed, using a makeup remover will help absorb the best nutrients from the next skincare products.

Why should you use X2 Doctor Magic SUPERIOR MAKEUP REMOVER

There's no denying the importance of makeup removal in anyone's daily skincare routine.

After a day of studying and working, our skin is constantly exposed to attacks from the external environment, leading to various skin issues. Dirty, makeup residue, excess oil, etc., will accumulate and build up deep within the pores. And if the pores are not properly cleaned, the risk of facing inflammatory acne is extremely high.

Right now you need to use Doctor Magic makeup remover to remove dirt, oil, etc. deep inside the pores, helping the pores to be best cleared, making it easier to absorb nutrients in the next steps of skincare.

Usage instructions for M32 - SUPERIOR X2 MAKEUP REMOVER

Many people believe that if the skin is acne-prone and oily, they should avoid using cosmetics or cleansing products such as makeup remover and facial cleanser, as they can further irritate the skin and cause more breakouts.

However, this is a misconception that needs to be changed because simply washing your face with water will not be able to remove all the excess oil on the skin, clean the acne-prone area which is prone to inflammation due to the accumulation of dirt and bacteria. Therefore, using makeup remover for oily and acne-prone skin is a must:

Step 1:Shake well before use to ensure thorough mixing of the two liquid layers.

Step 2:Take an appropriate amount on a cotton pad, apply to the face, eyes, lips, and other areas, then gently wipe until the makeup layer dissolves.

Step 3:Finally, rinse off with cold water or facial cleanser.

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