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Tomtittot Niacinamide 20% Bright Shot Ampoule with Stem Cells

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Specifications: Box of 5 bottles

Main Ingredients

Contains 200,000ppm of concentrated Niacinamide to brighten dull skin caused by UV rays & external factors, balances oil moisture on the skin, and helps unclog pores

Adenosine helps improve wrinkles, increase elasticity

PDRN DNA salmon extract is compatible with human DNA, helping to moisturize, strengthen the skin barrier, nourish and firm the skin, leaving it smooth and radiant

99.9% pure gold essence with high purity inhibits free radicals to increase skin brightness

100,000ppm exosome (from fruits & black truffle mushrooms) plant-based antioxidant, providing essential nutrients for the skin

Calmskin A7 extract helps reduce irritation & soothe the skin


✅ Super rejuvenating, firming, lifting, wrinkle erasing

✅ Regenerate, restore, help skin thick and healthy cell by cell

✅ Reinforce skin protection barrier

✅ Hydrating, balancing skin

Tightens pores.

✅ Helps treat acne, prevent acne

✅ Brightens and evens skin tone, reduces dark spots and freckles

Not only for the facial skin area, but stem cells also act as a savior, improving all issues for the eye area

✅ Boosts immunity, enhances skin resistance

Intended Use

Those who want to have bright, white, and glowing skin

For those who want to care for their skin to be radiant & youthful

Those who want smooth and firm skin

Those concerned about dull, darkened skin


Use every evening

Cleanse your skin with makeup remover => face wash => toner

Pump Niacinamide essence onto the face & massage for better absorption (use with essence infusion machine if available)

Night Cream

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