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Thiềm thừ feng shui and peony flower

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Dimensions: Length 15cm - Width 8cm - Height 22cm

Origin of Feng Shui Bamboo

In Chinese mythology, the toad is a creature that lives on the moon, this three-legged toad (thiềm thừ) is the incarnation of Thường Nha, who was punished for stealing wine from her husband and transformed into a three-legged toad, becoming a fierce demon, even eating the moon, causing the phenomenon of waxing and waning moons.

- After that, the three-legged toad (Thiềm Thừ) was tamed by a powerful immortal named Lưu Hải. Later, this three-legged toad was spiritualized and traveled around the world to do good deeds. The three-legged toad used its mouth to spit out money to help those in need. Because of its infinite ability to spit out money, people consider it a symbol of wealth and good fortune, hence it is called the Money Frog.


Meaning of Feng Shui

Meaning of wealth: Frogs can help attract and maintain wealth, increase prosperity for the owner. Especially for business people, they often believe that placing a frog in a store or company will bring about smoother business operations.

Lucky meaning: The lucky frog charm brings luck in all matters. For students, exam takers, or those seeking success in their careers, wearing a piece of jewelry with a frog holding a coin symbol will help improve outcomes.

Meaning of peace: The money frog is a creature that can ward off unexpected misfortunes for the homeowner. Placing it inside the house helps to dispel harmful energy from the outside. It is believed that having a frog in the house will bring good luck and a peaceful life to the family.

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