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Sato Arovics Solutions 5% Hair Growth Stimulating Essence from Japan

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Specification: 30ml bottle

Origin: Japan

Manufacturer: Sato

Main Ingredients

- Contains many minerals and vitamins that can provide nutrients and quickly care for hair and scalp. At the same time, it helps nourish hair follicles and scalp from the inside, aiding in hair regeneration and restoration.

- Carpronium Chloride: helps stimulate hair growth faster, reduce thinning hair, dandruff...

Vitamin A : Helps strengthen and nourish hair, leaving it shiny and smooth. This product also retains moisture, creating a light oil layer on the scalp to prevent dryness and split ends, reducing the risk of breakage and nurturing hair from within.


Causes of hair loss, baldness:

Weak, thinning, and balding hair is a common condition in middle-aged men, women after childbirth, and premenopausal women. The main causes are:

  • Changes in internal secretion, hormones in the body
  • Nutrition regime not guaranteed
  • Stress, tired, staying up late, insomnia
  • Side effects of some types of Western medicine
  • Due to improper hair care methods, using inappropriate shampoo,...
  • Some natural methods to stimulate hair growth and reduce breakage and shedding include: Using grapefruit oil, olive oil, castor oil, fresh ginger, and aloe vera.

Benefits of Sato Hair Growth Essence:

 Sato Hair Growth EssenceProvides nutrients to help strengthen hair, reduce breakage

✔ Stimulates blood circulation, promotes faster hair growth, improves balding condition

✔ Essential oil helps hair become thicker and longer after 4-8 weeks (*).

✔ Nourish a healthy scalp, reduce the risk of dandruff, oily hair causing hair loss

✔ Effective Hair Loss Reduction

✔ Provides moisture to hair for a softer, smoother, and more voluminous look

✔ Sato hair growth supplement provides essential nutrients for healthy hair.


- Apply twice a day to the balding area or entire scalp. Gently massage to allow the essence to fully absorb.

– Be persistent for 4-8 weeks, you will feel positive effects.

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