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Peptide M15 Doctor Magic Essence

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Brand: Doctor Magic

Specification: 40ml bottle



- Contains essential nutrients that interact closely with each cell, enhancing the effectiveness of skin anti-aging.

- Nutrients support and complement each other, helping to restore skin structure, make skin firmer, enhance immunity, and increase elasticity.

- Supports skin regeneration, bringing you smooth and white skin.

This is one of the essential secrets for women with thin, damaged skin that needs to be restored and regenerated.

Why do millions of women use Doctor Magic Peptide Essence?

Among the countless skincare products available on the market today, Peptide Essence remains a top choice, a product loved and used by millions of women for its outstanding features.

- The product is researched and developed by dermatology experts, with natural ingredients that are safe for health and suitable for Vietnamese women's skin.

– Rigorously tested, Health SetLicensed and distributed nationwide.

- Lightweight texture, quickly absorbed into the skin to maximize the effectiveness of skin recovery and regeneration.

When applying Peptide Essence directly to the skin, you will immediately feel the difference from the first time. The essence ingredients quickly penetrate the skin, providing and directly supplementing the necessary nutrients for the skin, thereby helping the skin to regenerate and recover. Enhance skin immunity to protect the skin from the impact of the surrounding environment, prevent and combat aging.


Step 1:Cleanse and dry your face, then apply a sufficient amount of essence

Step 2:Apply the essence directly to the facial skin

Step 3:Gentle massage combined with light tapping to help the essence penetrate into the skin.

Recommended for use twice a day, in the morning and evening, to achieve effective results for the skin

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