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Hanayuki Whitening Skin Brightening Serum Essence

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Brand: Hanayuki

Specification: 30g bottle

Main Ingredients

-Alpha Arbutin (extracted from plant) Bearberry):Whitening active ingredient helps even out skin tone, blur dark spots, and whiten the skin.

-Panthenol (Vitamin B5):Helps moisturize, soothe, regenerate skin, improve softness and elasticity of the skin.

-Centella Asiatica Extract (Gotu Kola Extract): Helps support fast scar healing, leaving skin smooth.

-Ascorbyl Palmitate (Vitamin C derivative):Helps inhibit the formation of melanin, reduce existing melanin to brighten the skin.

-Panax Ginseng Extract:Helps soften and smooth the skin, reduce wrinkles, and provide essential factors for skin regeneration.

-Tocopherol (Vitamin E):Helps inhibit the formation of melanin, reduces existing melanin to brighten the skin.


Helps inhibit the formation of melanin

Help reduce and blur dark pigmentation

Provides moisture to the skin, soothing and cooling the skin


- Cleanse the area of skin where the serum will be applied with water, ensuring the skin is dry afterwards. Take a combHanayuki Whitening Skin Brightening SerumApply a sufficient layer to the desired area of the skin. Gently massage with your hands to help the active ingredients penetrate deeply into the skin.

- In some cases, the product may remove dead skin cells. If the customer is using other products or products of unknown origin, before starting to use the product Hanayuki Whitening Skin Brightening Serum, users should stop using all of these products for 7-10 days. During this time, wash your face with warm water at 35-40 degrees Celsius daily to cleanse the skin. Then, start using the product.Hanayuki Whitening Skin Brightening Serum.

- Product does not cause skin irritation or only causes minimal skin irritation.

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