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Eundan Korean Vitamin C D 1000mg Tablets Support Skin Whitening

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Product Name: Vitamin C D 1000mg Eundan

Ingredients: 100% Vitamin C D 1000mg raw material

Benefits: Helps reduce acne scars, promotes natural collagen production, supports immune system boost...

Country of Origin: South Korea

Manufacturer / Importer: Korea Eundan


It is undeniable the positive effects of vitamin C for human health and skin. Getting vitamin C through food alone is not enough because nutrients will be lost during processing. That's why many people nowadays are gradually favoring the intake of vitamin C through various supplements, includingVitamin C D 1000mg Eundan Capsules.

  • SupportBlur dark spots, promotes natural collagen production, therebyMaintain elasticity, firmness for the skin, reduce wrinkles, folds, help even out skin tone, brighten and smooth.
  • SupportBoost immunity for the body, detoxify, protect health, prevent common diseases. At the same time, help the body absorb calcium better, maintain healthy joints.
  • SupportStrengthen and maintain healthy veins, prevent cholesterol buildup, reduce the risk of artery blockage, stroke, heart attack.
  • Support cAnti-oxidizing, removes harmful active carbonfor the body, it is also an important component that supports cancer prevention.

Customers should use the correct dosage as instructed on the packaging and continue use for an extended period to feel noticeable effects.

*Note: Product effectiveness also depends on each individual's condition.


Vitamin C D Eundan capsuleswith 100% imported exclusive Vitamin C 1000mg raw material from the UK.

Intended Use

  • Children aged 12 and above, adults, middle-aged, and elderly people can all use it.
  • People lacking vitamin C may experience symptoms such as frequent bleeding gums, bruising (hematoma) on the hands and feet, slow-healing wounds, or frequent colds...
  • People who often feel tired, lack energy, or frequently get sick may need to supplement with vitamins to regain health for their bodies.
  • Office workers are always under work pressure, working overtime due to excessive workload.
  • People with nutritional imbalances, long-term vegetarians.
  • Women want to supplement vitamin C to protect the skin from the inside, to rejuvenate and prevent skin aging.


Vitamin C D 1000mg EundanSouth Korea uses dosage according to age:

  • Adults take 1 tablet immediately after a meal.
  • Children under 12 years old should use according to the recommended dosage by medical experts.
  • Product is intended for direct consumption with water, it is recommended to drink plenty of water
  • Avoid using the product when hungry, as it may affect the stomach
  • Eundan Vitamin C 1000mg should be used regularly for 2 - 3 months or more to see noticeable results.


  • Adhere to the correct dosage on the package, do not increase or decrease the dosage on your own.
  • Store the product in a cool, dry place and avoid direct sunlight.
  • Stop drinking immediately if you experience any unusual symptoms during use, and visit the nearest medical facility for a health check-up.
  • In addition to supplementing with vitamin C, each person should combine it with a healthy habit such as getting enough sleep, eating healthily, exercising, engaging in daily physical activities, staying away from alcohol, cigarettes, and other harmful stimulants.
  • Choose gentle cosmetics suitable for your skin condition, protect and shield your skin carefully when going out, use sunscreen with SPF of 30 or higher before exposure to sunlight.
  • This product is not a medicine and does not have the effect of replacing medicine to cure diseases

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